I smoke CBD, what are the risks to my health?

What is CBD?

The cannabis plant contains over 100 different substances called “phytocannabinoids”. Among these substances, we find Cannabidiol (CBD) but also Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and a hundred others.

In the “legal” cannabis marketed in Switzerland, THC is present at less than 1%, making its consumption legal. Legal cannabis, high in CBD, does not have the same psychotropic and hallucinogenic effects due to its low THC content, which is why it is common to think that it is not dangerous.
Is smoking CBD bad?

When you smoke it, it never tastes good. CBD is just a new product from the tobacco industry and its commercialization is unfortunate. As a reminder, cigarettes are a major risk factor for oncological, cardiovascular, respiratory diseases, etc.
Is CBD Consumption Compatible With Driving?

In principle not, because in a legal joint with a high CBD content there is also THC. Studies show that if you smoke 4 joints of CBD in less than an hour, you will be under the influence of THC and cannot legally drive. In addition, given the calming effects of CBD, it is strongly recommended not to get behind the wheel after having smoked it.
Does CBD have any virtues?

This molecule certainly has great potential which requires further investigation to determine its benefits.

Several studies seem to show that CBD could be used as a medicine and would have many benefits. The most explicit effect of CBD is a feeling of well-being and it exhibits the following qualities:

Anxiolytic (calming during stress and anxiety)
Nausea relief
Soothing migraines
Help against insomnia

Although these effects are positive, CBD should only be consumed in a medical dimension. It is important to note that the difference between a drug and a medicine is how it is used. If you are sick, you take medicine to treat yourself. If you take a drug when you’re not sick, you’re taking a drug. CBD is therefore a drug that should be used as such and not as a drug. It has its place in pharmacies.
What are its effects on health?

When we consume a chemical molecule that comes from a plant, it is interesting to know how it acts on the human body.

It has been discovered that there are cannabinoids in our bodies. This endocannabinoid system has various functions. Among other things, it regulates:

Building the brain during adolescence
Envy, motivation
Cardiac functions
Immune system
Fertilization etc.

This system is fundamental to life and smoking cannabinoids, CBD or THC negatively affects our body by disrupting many systems. Smoking cannabinoids acts like “noise” to our brain and makes us deaf to ourselves.