You can finally graduate for medical cannabis!


With the arrival in France of experimentation with therapeutic cannabis and its generalization planned for the end of 2021, new training courses as medical personnel are emerging.

From January 2021, two universities, including those of Montpellier and Paris-Saclay, will offer a first inter-university diploma “On the proper use of therapeutic cannabis.” ”

Because of the Covid, the training will be done by videoconference and will allow future students to acquire “transversal skills in prescribing and supporting patients suffering from pathologies requiring the use of cannabis. “

This brand new training includes 50 hours of lessons given by Prof. Pierre Labauge from the Montpellier University Hospital and Prof. Amine Benyamina from the University of Paris Sud.

Among the skills acquired by students during the training are:

  • To be able to identify patients who are eligible for the prescription of medical cannabis
  • Know how to prescribe (for doctors) and dispense (for pharmacists)
  • Transmit the different effects of medical cannabis as well as its different uses
  • Control the dosage of products containing cannabis

Places are limited and pre-registrations are already open.


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