With the Covid, the arrival of recyclable organic hemp masks.


With the COVID19 epidemic, we citizens are forced to wear masks to stem the coronavirus epidemic. Unfortunately, masks are polluting our environment more and more… In this global pandemic, a Frenchman decided to create a biodegradable mask made from hemp.

In addition to polluting our streets, they pollute our seas and oceans. Even if these protect us from the epidemic, recycling is still complicated, especially since masks take up to 450 years to degrade in nature.

It was by trying to put an end to this mask pollution problem that a French entrepreneur found a solution: to create a hemp mask: “What I would like is for people to watch what they buy and what they throw away. It is because they have a rather eco-responsible behavior. When you put hemp in the ground, three months, six months later, there is nothing left ”, reveals Frédéric Rouvre, president and founder of Géochanvre.

Hemp, an effective filter

With his hemp mask Frédéric Rouvre is developing the first compostable organic mask in Europe.

The elastics are also recyclable, the lining is made of corn, and the properties of hemp guarantee an effective filter. “The properties of hemp have existed for thousands of years. By making hemp fabrics, you can make veiling fabrics for the navy but also filter fabrics”, adds Frédéric Rouvre. Géochanvre’s customers are European and Canadian, they have bought 1.5 million hemp masks since last March. Today around the world, around 129 million single-use face masks are used each month.


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