Why consume CBD without tobacco?


One of the questions you don’t often ask about CBD flowers is whether it is possible to consume CBD without tobacco. Deli Hemp tells you more about how to consume the CBD flower.

CBD vs Tobacco, a bad cocktail.

Deli Hemp advises against combining tobacco with CBD flowers because the mixture of the two substances causes different complementary effects. In comparison with CBD which is a relaxing molecule, the nicotine contained in tobacco is an exciting one.

Indeed, CBD as we all know is a very good therapeutic alternative. to reduce anxiety, promote sleep, and relieve stress, inflammation and pain. In addition to being a very good ally in many everyday ailments, CBD also allows to free from addictions such as cigarette addiction.

Another reason not to combine tobacco and CBD, by smoking and ingesting nicotine you are imposing thousands of harmful chemicals on your body. Many studies have shown that the majority of these chemicals are dangerous for health and can even be carcinogenic. Besides, nicotine is the substance that makes you addicted to tobacco, in addition to being a psychoactive molecule that stimulates the nervous system, while increasing the heart rate which causes adrenaline rushes.

Should we then choose vaping?

Many people prefer to opt for vaping and indeed many studies show promising support.

Nowadays, most vaping devices such as our Deli Pens or even dry herb vaporizers such as the Pax, use convection as the main source of heat.

This therefore allows for better consumption of CBD without adverse effects as the heat does not come into direct contact with dry herb, liquid, oil or wax, instead hot and humid vapor. moves in the heating chamber which then heats the grass. By using steam as a carrier for the product, nothing burns and creates tar and other carcinogens. Choose between smoking and vaping Deli Hemp recommends vaping, which remains the healthiest option.

What are the other alternatives for consuming CBD?

At Deli Hemp you have many alternatives to consume CBD in several forms.


This is one of the most common methods of consuming CBD, placing a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue. The advantage of this mode of consumption is that, passing through the mucous membranes, the CBD oils will be able to be assimilated more quickly but also to act longer in your body.


The advantage of oral consumption is that you have a wide choice of options. Indeed you can consume the CBD oil or our CBD extractions in a dish or a drink infused with cannabis. Oral consumption remains the easiest method to consume CBD, especially with CBD teas or herbal teas or even baked goods.

By cutaneous route.

At Deli Hemp we also offer a wide range of cosmetic products that are very effective in relieving pain, stiffness, or even relieving inflammation. Our massage oil or our CBD balm are two very good quality CBD products that you can use for this type of problem and which is applied locally on the skin. If you don’t want to mix your CBD with tobacco, Deli Hemp offers you plenty of options. Deli Hemp offers you a wide range of top quality CBD products, and you are sure to find what you are looking for. CBD oils, CBD infusions as well as CBD oils are our most popular CBD products for non-smokers.


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