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What dosage of CBD oil to take?

Full spectrum or broad spectrum cannabidiol oil?

First of all, you have to make the difference between the two existing types of CBD oil:

– “Full spectrum” or “full spectrum” oil which contains all the cannabinoids present in hemp, including THC. Although many shops advertise them, these oils are not authorized in France precisely because of the presence of THC in the finished product.

– The oil “broad spectrum” or “broad spectrum” which, it is devoid of THC. With these oils you can enjoy all the benefits of cannabidiol and the entourage effect of other cannabinoids and terpenes legally because the product does not contain any trace of THC.

At Authentique-CBD, all of our CBD oils are broad spectrum for safe and legal use. To learn more, read our article What’s in your CBD oil really?

The different concentrations of CBD oils

Cannabidiol oil comes in several strengths of CBD. The most common are: 5%, 15%, 25%.

A higher percentage means a higher concentration of cannabidiol. But the CBD content in oils can also be expressed in milligrams. So you can find CBD oils 500 mg, 1500 mg or 2500 mg.

Depending on your need and your habit of consuming CBD, your dosage may vary. We always recommend starting with a low dose and checking your reaction.

If you are new to cannabidiol, consuming an oil with a concentration of 5% CBD will be more suitable. If you already have experience using CBD, you can switch to a medium (15%) or high (25%) concentration depending on your need.

If necessary, gradually increase your dosage, especially if you are a “beginner” user.

Does CBD oil carry any risks of side effects?

The use of cannabidiol has no particular restrictions, but it is best to pay attention to possible drug interactions.

You may also experience mild side effects such as fatigue or digestive problems. It is recommended to adapt your dose according to your feelings. If in doubt, do not hesitate to seek the advice of a doctor.


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