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CBD, a therapeutic solution to hypertension?

The use of cannabidiol to naturally regulate blood pressure

CBD, an interesting vasodilator

Since the dawn of time, cannabidiol has been renowned for its thousand and one therapeutic virtues. Among them, it benefits from a vasodilator action. This means that the consumption of CBD helps to dilate the vessels, and thus facilitates good blood circulation.

In addition, CBD is an excellent anti-stress, in particular by acting on the endocannabinoid system. However, it should be noted that some cases of hypertension are linked to chronic stress, a frequent problem in our modern societies.

In the scientific world, theuse of CBD for cardiovascular health is attracting more and more interest. Both in terms of prevention and care, medicinal cannabis could represent a completely natural way to balance blood pressure.

Studies on CBD and hypertension

Several researchers around the world have studied the use of CBD in the face of the problem of hypertension. Although the research is far from over, the first results obtained promise to be rather convincing. Let’s discover them together …

In June 2017, a study was published by the “Journal of Clinical Investigation”. This was carried out at the University of Nottinga by a team of professors. She gave 9 healthy men either 600 mg of CBD or a placebo product.

The conclusions are clear: CBD reduced both blood pressure and stroke volume at rest. Participants who consumed cannabidiol had in particular a lower voltage of 5 mmHg than the others.

Watch out for drug interactions

Although completely legal and natural, the CBD consumption inhibits the cytochrome P450 enzyme. However, the latter is involved in the mechanism of action of a number of drugs. Cannabidiol could therefore increase as well as reduce the effectiveness of certain treatments.

In large amounts, CBD, like grapefruit, can interact with some drugs usually prescribed for hypertension. It is therefore important to be vigilant before embarking on the use of therapeutic cannabis …

If you are in any doubt, it is always best to seek the advice of a healthcare professional. Each situation is unique, and only a specialist will be able to give you relevant and tailor-made recommendations.

High blood pressure: discover the benefits of CBD oil

CBD comes in a wide variety of forms. CBD oil is particularly valued for its simplicity and effectiveness. Flagship product on the cannabidiol market, just drop a few drops under the tongue for 1 minute to benefit from its thousand and one virtues.

In oil, cannabidiol has the particularity of being very well assimilated by the human organism. By consuming CBD oil, even more before meals, the effects will be optimal. It also allows a very precise dosage, and therefore closer to your needs.

Be careful, however, to always choose a quality CBD oil. At Authentique CBD, we guarantee access to high-end cannabidiol products at the best prices. All of our oils come from organic hemp cultures, and rigorously controlled.


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