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the CBD is now more and more widespread and is gaining new followers every day. Its development is giving rise to new players in the market and the diversity of cannabidiol hemp sometimes makes the choice complicated for the consumer. CBD flower, Hemp Oil, CBD E-Liquid, Resin, CBD capsules, Cosmetics… We wanted to decipher in this article the important criteria to allow you to make the right choices. Do not hesitate to consult our great guide to CBD 2021 to find out more

The different CBD products

When we talk about hemp, CBD or from Cannabidiol, we often talk about the effects of the molecule, the different cannabinoids present in hemp or evenentourage effect, so sought after by consumers. All these benefits, you can find them in a multitude of CBD products. Because we all have different lifestyles and consumption habits, there are also different ways of being able. consume CBD. It’s up to you to choose yours!

CBD Flowers

The CBD hemp flower is the most natural product and the closest to its original form because all legal active ingredients (cannabinoids) are intact and the molecules are unaltered. It is recommended to take advantage of the benefits of CBD flower throughinfusions or from sprays.

The flower of Cannabis CBD is an extraordinary source of various and varied benefits and which has the rare quality of having no side effects. Although research and scientific studies on this subject are scarce, consumers of CBD flowers are raving about it, as witnessed by Jerome, a trader in Paris:

“I have a very stressful job and need to relax when I come home from a busy day of trading. I looked for a long time for a natural and legal solution and recently I discovered the CBD flower ! I make myself a little hemp tea with some potent CBD blossoms and it helps me release the pressure a lot. I sleep very well and the next day I feel fresh and ready to enjoy a new day to the fullest. ”

Warning ! it is essential to ensure the origin and legality of CBD flowers. In fact, the regulations in France are very strict and impose a THC level less than 0.2% . The CBD rate is not limited. So you can find flowers with different levels of CBD.

CBD Resins

The CBD resin is in solid form. More commonly known as Hash Where Hashish, it is made from the plant of Cannabis CBD and is achieved through the extraction of trichomes from the hemp plant. This method makes it possible to extract only the cannabinoids present in the CBD plant and therefore offers a greater concentration of CBD, CBG and CBDA. The effects of CBD resins are therefore more intense than those of the CBD flower. For CBD resin or CBD pollen to be legal in France, it is important that the THC level present in the resin is, as for the CBD flower, less than 0.2%.

You will be able to consume this CBD Cannabis resin in infusion, in culinary preparations or in vaporization or inhalation.

CBD oils

CBD oils are perfectly suited to people with a very fast pace of life and who wish to benefit from the effects of relaxation in a fast and efficient way. Nothing could be simpler thanks to CBD oils, three small drops of CBD under the tongue will suffice, in just a few minutes you will feel a deep sense of relaxation.

There are now Organic CBD oils that allow you to consume 100% natural cannabidiol hemp oil from cannabis plants grown without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

Romain, medical student and enthusiastic golfer shares his testimony with us:

“For three years I have been juggling medicine books and golf balls. I have to admit that sometimes it is a bit stressful, I have an ultra competitive temperament and for me failing is not an option, whether it is medical exams or golf competitions. I just don’t have time to rest for a breath, I always need some action! I have made a habit of always carrying a small vial of CBD oil with me, for revisions it helps me focus and before golf it helps me not to get tense. Fast acting, immediate effects! This is exactly what I need. ”

CBD capsules

CBD capsules, also called Softgel CBD, are soft capsules comparable to Omega 3 or fish oil capsules. But unlike the latter, instead of containing fish oil, they contain CBD oil. They are often used by people who don’t like the taste of CBD oil. The concentration of CBD in capsules may vary from brand to brand but the THC level present in the capsules must be 0.0% for the product to be legal in France.

The number of capsules to take per day may depend on the consumer’s body weight but also on the level of CBD present in each capsule.
Either way, and although CBD does cause no side effects, we advise you to seek the advice of a health professional before starting a CBD capsule treatment.

CBD E-Liquids

We no longer present the E-liquids and the Electronic cigarettes. This method of consumption is one of the preferred method for CBD enthusiasts. The consumption of CBD in vaping would even allow in some cases to wean off nicotine and in other cases of weaning off THC.

There are many tastes and terpenes on the market. You will also have the choice between different strengths of CBD, which allows you to vary the pleasures and intensity of the effects of the cannabinoids. So that your consumption of E-Liquid CBD is a moment of pleasure and relaxation, we recommend the E-liquids Marie-Jeanne, which are French-made and 100% natural E-liquids.

CBD Creams

While the fame of cannabis CBD is confirmed day after day, many products derived from this cannabinoid remarkable are appearing on the market to the delight of the French and French. Indeed, it turns out that the benefits of cannabidiol are perfectly suited to the natural production of hemp cosmetics and of CBD creams.

CBD cosmetics

To truly understand the breathtaking benefits of CBD cosmetics such as hemp day creams, cannabis moisturizers and day waters, we asked Noémie, a young model living in Paris.

“I have super sensitive skin and was looking for a natural product that allows me to maintain optimal hydration without containing all kinds of questionable chemicals”

In short, the products derived from CBD are extremely numerous and their benefits incalculable. You now have all the knowledge to choose the product that suits YOU!


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