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CBD, a new favorite molecule of the French?

A plant with various uses

In recent years, the French have had a renewed curiosity for Hemp, this plant which has lived alongside humans for millennia. First of all, the new wave of Cannabis legalization initiated in many Western countries tells us that some taboos are starting to fall and that public opinion is slowly learning to trust this plant again. Obviously Cannabis and CBD are different, Cannabis is still illegal in France for recreational use.

the CBD on the other hand is completely legal. and there are many who rejoice in being able to buy CBD for its many different benefits and qualities. We allude to these qualities in an article Hemp: 7 reasons to adopt CBD in 2021.

Among the many user feedback we have been able to study, we can see one thing in common: CBD helps many people relax and find a moment of calm in their day.

The start of the 2021 school year, a new boom in CBD

During the summer period, the French exchanged their tips! The star of the summer was obviously CBD. Thanks to its multiple benefits, word of mouth gives CBD a new boost. Especially at the time of the re-entry, a period of stress and anxiety can be observed. CBD is the perfect ally for getting off to a good start.

Has the confinement changed the French their minds on CBD?

No more amalgams, the French say yes to CBD!

We are all living through a difficult period, the confinement has had a significant impact on the French. Even though confinement is coming to an end, many of us have come to realize how we deal with stress, anxiety and depression. The explosion of the French craze for CBD tells us that the amalgam that has long existed between Cannabis and CBD is gradually fading.

The media, which have long been reluctant to communicate on the subject of CBD, no longer hesitate to praise its merits and we see more and more reports about CBD. For good reason, it works! Indeed, the many testimonials collected on this subject are unanimous: CBD helps them on a daily basis. Our article Containment, depression, what role can CBD play during the health crisis? provides an update on the reasons for CBD’s success during the Covid-19 crisis and its role in relieving ailments associated with stress, anxiety and depression.

CBD has the advantage of being able to be consumed in different forms: CBD flowers, CBD infusions, CBD oils. Everyone can find a way to consume CBD that suits them and enjoy its benefits but also its taste and smell.

CBD, an ally of sustainable development

Man needs hemp to reconnect with the environment

Little known to the general public, hemp cultivation has many advantages for the environment. Some regions of the world are even considering converting crops to hemp to take advantage of its qualities for storing CO2 (15 to 20 tons / hectar / year). It is undeniable that the exploitation of hemp is a boon for the environment and consumers continue to express their enthusiasm for this plant.

Hemp is a real windfall that can surely replace many harmful industrial products, it is enough for the company as a whole to mobilize in its favor and this is the intention of the team ofAuthentic-CBD by offering quality CBD products.


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