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The Guide to Trim CBD

Industry legal hemp in the world and particularly in the United States and Europe has been organized for several years. Despite the prejudices that remain on the subject, more and more people are realizing that this plant can be beneficial for them and that it can be consumed in different forms and adapted to individual habits.

The cultivation of hemp in Europe

The cultivation of hemp is regulated but the opacity of the instructions in this regard leaves neophytes in absolute uncertainty as to the origin of cannabis flowers.

Premium hemp cultivation

Whether consumed as an infusion, in food or as a combustion (rolled up cigarettes, etc.), it is important to learn about the origin of the CBD cannabis plants used. However, smoking CBD flowers is not recommended. Not because of the plant itself, but because of the combustion process. However, this does reflect a reality and consumers must be all the more vigilant about the quality of the flowers if they choose this method of consumption. Likewise, many consumers who refuse to mix their CBD flowers with tobacco choose to mix their strain flowers with Trim CBD. It is therefore necessary to ensure the supply ofa quality trim.

Organic hemp, a state of mind

Although hemp is a natural plant, it is regrettable that there are some unscrupulous growers who resort to chemical methods that pollute the environment and can affect the quality of the flowers. Switzerland has made a name for itself in the organic cultivation of hemp and many producers cultivate this plant ethically by respecting a organic specifications.

Where does the Trim come from?

Trim CBD comes from several cultures, it is a mixture of varieties cultivated in different ways but while keeping an irreproachable quality. When harvesting cannabis flowers, these are carefully scrutinized and categorized according to their size as well as other rigorous selective criteria. Some flowers considered too small are collected in a mixture of “mini buds” called the Trim. This is why the Trim is so coveted by connoisseurs, because although the “buds” are not as big as in the series of nominative varieties, it has no impact on the quality.

What to do with Trim?

As suggested at the start of this article, Trim can be used in the same way as any other CBD flower found on the market. Obviously, the Trim has an undeniable advantage, its unbeatable price / quality ratio which allows followers to stock up on quality flowers in a larger volume, allowing them to integrate Trim CBD into their daily life and enjoy its benefits in various ways.

The economic advantage of CBD Trim

Regular CBD consumers are raving about Trim. Indeed, anyone who consumes CBD daily will quickly realize that it is appropriate to allocate a budget that can in some cases be significant. As a result, the inexpensive cost of the Trim makes it possible to obtain a volume of cannabis flowers important enough without having to break the bank or make any concessions on quality!

Integrate CBD into your daily life with Trim

Make Cannabutter

The cannabinoids have the particularity of being liposoluble. That is, they are absorbed by fatty solutions. This makes making cannabidiol butter relatively easy. However, it takes a fairly large volume of flowers to achieve it.

Follow the following guide to prepare your weeder:

  • prepare 100 grams of Trim CBD and 100 grams of traditional butter
  • heat a saucepan to a boil and place the 100 grams of trim and 100 grams of butter in it
  • simmer for around 2 hours
  • pass the cooking juices through a coffee filter to collect the fat
  • most of the fat will take refuge in the flowers, wring out the flowers in order to extract the butter.
  • let the juice stand in a cool place to cool and then in the refrigerator for at least one night.
  • the butter rises to the surface and solidifies, you can throw away the water as well as the various residues (leaves etc …)

Testimony of Gwendoline, 38 years old, teacher

“You can say that I am a fan of CBD! For several years I have integrated CBD into my daily life. First of all, and I know it’s a bit taboo but I smoke CBD flowers in rolled cigarettes , I also make myself an infusion every night, I also make cannabutter. Finally for me the CBD can be put to all sauces. Casually it makes a budget and that’s why the Trim is perfect for me . It’s the perfect balance between price and quality. I recommend bags of 50 grams or 100 grams “.

Trim infusions

Trim CBD is also perfect for infusions, either individually or mixed with other herbs or tea. Some people who wish to reduce their coffee consumption opt for this solution which seems to be effective. The Trim allows you, for a very reasonable cost, to benefit from relaxing effects of CBD always with a very pleasant taste.


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