What is Cannabis Trim?


Everyone knows cannabis. CBD and THC certainly mean something to you. But have you ever heard of Cannabis Trim? Increasingly present in the world of CBD, the Trim offered by Deli Hemp offers two main advantages: it is cheaper and offers the same effects as a basic CBD flower.

Today we explain how to consume the trim.

But then what is the trim? It corresponds to a part of the CBD cannabis flower harvested during the manicure of the dried plant.

The word “trim” comes from the English “garnish” and refers to the residue from the pruning of flowers.

Even if it is still possible to harvest the trim from THC cannabis plants, today the trim is more commonly used sold for its virtues linked to the CBD plants.

The trim is an assembly of leaves and small flowers from the harvest but also from the manicure of cannabis.

In addition to being an ecological alternative because it avoids waste, the use of the trim is much wider than that of the flower of CBD cannabis!

100% organic plants

By choosing Deli Hemp you are opting for natural agriculture, from organic fields.

Deli Hemp organic cannabis then offers many advantages for the consumer.

  • More powerful effects : Whether on its THC content (for THC cannabis plants) or its CBD content, organic cultivation Deli Hemp allows optimal growth to allow marijuana to reach its maximum potential.
  • Improved tastes and aromas : Cannabis grown without pesticides / herbicides has a distinctly stronger taste and aroma than a CBD plant that has been grown with chemical fertilizers.
  • Limited environmental impact : the absence of fertilizers prevents contamination of the land and the surrounding biodiversity.

If you want to consume CBD from responsible and organic agriculture, Deli hemp is one of the players in the market with the best variety.

The Trim, what use?

The advantage of Trim is that it can be consumed in different forms with identical results to those offered by consumption by inhalation.

Here is a list of the different uses of the CBD trim:

  • Herbal tea / tea
  • Cakes
  • CBD cannabis butter
  • Seasoning herbs
  • Hot meals
  • Infusion in milk
  • Inhalation
  • Various drinks (beers, brandy, cocktails, etc.)

The Trim an unbeatable value for money

As we have already seen the Trim offers similar effects to the consumption of CBD cannabis flowers and its price remains very interesting.

At Deli Hemp, you can get 10 grams of TRIM for just € 30 (excluding shipping)!


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