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A natural extract of hemp, CBD can be drunk as an infusion. It is also a very natural way to benefit from all its benefits. In addition to being practical and economical, CBD herbal teas are interesting in many areas of everyday life. Discover the beneficial effects of cannabidiol infusions and how to take full advantage of them!

The many virtues of CBD herbal teas

Cannabidiol infusions as an anti-stress

The effects of CBD on anxiety are well established, it is a natural relaxant and anxiolytic. CBD does not get you high, it is not addictive, and it does not produce unwanted effects. It is a good alternative, especially in infusion, to bring relaxation and comfort on a daily basis. It provides a moment of relaxation to calm the anxieties of everyday life. In addition, drinking a herbal tea enriched with CBD in the evening improves falling asleep and allows you to regain deep sleep.

Drinking CBD herbal teas aids digestion

It is often advisable to take an infusion after a meal to improve digestion. This also applies to CBD herbal teas. Indeed, this hemp extract provides very positive benefits on digestion. It helps fight cramps and heartburn and reduces gastric reflux. It can also be beneficial in calming nausea and regaining appetite.

CBD infusions to fight inflammation

If you suffer from nerve or muscle inflammation, consuming CBD herbal teas can relieve this pain. They are therefore interesting in the case of certain diseases such as multiple sclerosis or arthritis. But also, to detoxify the body, rebalance the interior and in particular skin inflammations such as acne or psoriasis.

How to take full advantage of the effects of CBD infusions?

Successful CBD herbal tea

Preparing a CBD infusion is very easy. However, be aware that CBD is a non-water soluble molecule. Thus, to benefit from all the effects that it offers, it is necessary to add a fatty substance in the water brought to the boil. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you have the choice between incorporating honey, milk (vegetable or not), vegetable oil or butter. It will also soften the slightly bitter taste that the hemp flowers can have. Then all you need to do is fill your tea ball with 2 good spoons of CBD flowers and immerse it in hot water. Let it steep for 10 minutes so that the CBD diffuses properly. There you go, your CBD herbal tea is just waiting to be tasted! To vary tastes, you can pair your CBD flowers with other plants. This will only strengthen your moment of relaxation and your tasting!
In addition, at Authentique-CBD, we offer ready-made organic CBD herbal teas. You just have to vary the pleasures between our CBD infusions Red Fruits, Mint, Calm Night or Relax Detox.

When to drink your CBD infusion?

You can consume your CBD infusions at any time of the day. Note that the effects are slower to be felt in the form of an infusion, compared to other modes of consumption such as oils. It takes between 1 hour and 2 hours to really start to feel the effects. But these will stay for a longer period. So, if you are looking for better sleep, anticipate taking your herbal tea in the evening, just after the meal. On the contrary, if you want to spend a day in complete serenity, prefer to drink your CBD infusion for breakfast or as a snack during the day!

A moment of relaxation par excellence

Drinking infusions enriched with CBD is to grant yourself a moment of well-being, centered on yourself. Very hot, herbal teas are known to bring comfort and relaxation. CBD herbal teas are no exception! Sit comfortably, take a few minutes for yourself and enjoy all the natural benefits of CBD! It is a good way to release tension and take care of yourself naturally.


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