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More than ever, the cannabidiol made about him. If this plant extract has long been the subject of controversy, today it is becoming an essential therapeutic tool. In view of its multiple virtues, CBD even comes to sneak into our plates.
CBD and diet: simple fad or real nutritional benefit? We take stock together.

What exactly is CBD?

This molecule extracted from hemp

Although it is the subject of many controversies, hemp has been used by humans since the dawn of time. Throughout times and cultures, he was known for his medicinal benefits and widely used as a textile fiber.

A single hemp leaf alone contains nearly 500 different molecules. Among them, we find of course cannabinoids. Like THC, a famous psychotropic substance currently banned in France, CBD is part of this large family.

It is perhaps precisely for this reason that the word CBD sometimes worries the most novice. Indeed, many people have the unfortunate tendency to the amalgam between these two active ingredients. So much so that they come to think of CBD as a drug …

A legal substance with multiple virtues!

However, CBD is very different from THC. Perfectly legal, it does not include no euphoric effect which could make it a narcotic in the eyes of the law. It is therefore a safe alternative to take advantage of multiple virtues of cannabis.

It is no longer to be demonstrated, the CBD offers many benefits to our organization. It would, among other things, act positively on anxiety, sleep disorders, neuropathic pain, inflammation, skin diseases, or even diabetes.

CBD is also often used by people suffering from degenerative neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, inflammatory diseases, such as lyme disease, or even chronic pain, like fibromyalgia.

Why choose dietary CBD?

An incredibly healthy food

Did you know ? Beyond these countless therapeutic virtues, CBD could also be described as ” superfood “. Indeed, hemp, from which CBD is extracted, turns out to be a plant particularly nutritious, a little bit like spirulina …

It contains an immense amount of vegetable proteins, but also a wide range ofessential amino acids to the human body. There are also multiple essential fatty acids like omega 3, omega 6 or omega 9.

CBD could therefore represent the ideal food for vegetarians and vegans, whose diet excludes animal proteins. Furthermore, CBD is a real ally for the brain, since fatty acids are essential for proper brain function.

Better assimilation during meals

There is no doubt, consume CBD would therefore be quite simply good for health ! However, why specifically incorporate CBD into your diet, rather than simply ingesting it through some other means, such as a dietary supplement?

According to a study published in October 2018 by the CNS Drugs, a medical journal edited by Adis International, CBD would be better assimilated by the body when it is taken during a meal, and more precisely during a meal rich in fat.

Eat CBD Would therefore be an excellent way to maximize the effects. In addition, CBD in the diet would have the advantage of considerably reducing the risk of side effects, such as drowsiness or digestive disorders for example.

How to integrate CBD into your diet?

It’s decided, you want to incorporate CBD into your diet. Good news, there are many ways to feasting while consuming CBD ! Let’s find out now the best ways to make room for cannabidiol on your plate …

Discover CBD oil

First, let’s explore CBD oil. Like any vegetable oil, CBD oil can be incorporated into any dish. There are still a few rules to follow when cooking withcannabidiol oil in the best conditions.

In particular, it is recommended to opt for a quality oil, and store at room temperature, sheltered from the sun and light. Be careful, to preserve its properties, CBD oil should not be heated above 82 degrees!

The ideal is therefore to integrate it into a recipe that does not require cooking. Rest assured, there are a multitude of tasty possibilities … Here is for example how to make a delicious salad dressing based on CBD oil

A recipe based on CBD oil

Mix a tablespoon of mustard with a few drops of lemon juice. Add half a cup of mayonnaise and two crushed garlic cloves. Add CBD oil, mix, and salt or pepper to your liking.

It’s ready, bon appétit!

Drink a CBD infusion

CBD infusion is also a simple and effective way to consume cannabidiol. Undeniably, tea and herbal tea lovers will appreciate this opportunity! For breakfast, afternoon tea, and even to accompany your meals, this drink will seduce you.

Although it is not very complex to make, the CBD infusion has some peculiarities. Note for example that CBD must be mixed with a fat so that it becomes soluble. For this it is possible to use unsalted butter or vegetable oil.

Likewise, decarboxylation is essential for CBD to interact with the human body. The infusion should therefore be brought to a boil for at least 20 seconds Here is more precisely how to prepare a CBD herbal tea:

How to prepare your CBD infusion?

Mix one gram of ground Trim CBD with a tablespoon of unsalted butter. Add the equivalent of about 4 cups of water, and bring everything to a boil for 20 seconds. Thoroughly filter everything, so as to obtain a perfectly fluid drink.

Congratulations, you can now sip your CBD tea!

To make your life easier, you can also buy ready-made CBD infusions.
Authentique-CBD has created a range of 4 infusions with ingredients from organic farming. You will love them!

Make a CBD cake

Unusual but true, it is possible to make all kinds of salty and sweet CBD cakes! For that, it is enough toincorporate CBD flowers to your recipe. This technique offers endless possibilities in terms of cakes, muffins, quiches and other preparations … We advise you to use Trim cbd which is a mix of several varieties of flowers. It’s the perfect mix for making recipes.

First of all, to guarantee the effects of cannabidiol, it will be necessary to grind your flowers. It couldn’t be simpler: cut your flower into small pieces, place it on a baking sheet, and let it heat up for at least an hour at about 120 degrees.

Once this first step is done, you can add the CBD flower to your usual recipe. Are you lacking inspiration? Here are the key steps to make a gourmet cannabidiol chocolate cake :

CBD brownie recipe

Mix 250 grams of flour with 100 grams of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt. Add a whole egg, an egg yolk, and butter mixed with the CBD flower. Mix thoroughly, and add the melted chocolate, before placing in the oven. Leave to bake for about 25 minutes at 180 degrees.

All you need to do is treat you!

You now know everything about the CBD and diet. We wish you in advance innovative and tasty culinary adventures …


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