The use of CBD oils for animals


Whether it’s used to relax or get a good night’s sleep, eliminate headaches, or even deal with stress better, CBD is still gaining fans.

Like humans, our pets suffer from stress. And this sometimes daily.

CBD would therefore have a positive effect in the fight against certain diseases such as inflammation, seizures, anxiety and pain.

In addition to helping certain diseases of our animal friends, it is likely to contribute to the general improvement of the quality of life of your cat or dog on a daily basis.

The use of CBD on pets is therefore similar to that of humans.

Indeed, as in humans, dogs or cats possess an endocannabinoid system offering CBD1 and CBD2 receptors, but also producing endocannabinoids.

The Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats and Dogs

The benefits of CBD for cats and dogs are amazing.

The arrival of CBD products have opened the door to a whole new method of pet care, especially for those who prefer to treat their pets with gentler methods.

But then what are the health issues that CBD oil can treat for animals?

Veterinarians have observed when using CBD in animals that it helps dogs and cats alleviate pain and control seizures.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, eliminates nausea, helps with heart problems, calms anxiety, and may even help with canine arthritis. The good news is that CBD products are derived from cannabis plants grown in such a way that their THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – the compound in cannabis responsible for intoxication) content is traceable or zero.

CBD oil does not poison pets

One of the biggest questions pet owners report about using CBD oil is its potential side effects.

Good news! CBD products are derived from cannabis plants grown in such a way that their THC content is either traceable or zero.

The psychoactive properties of cannabis products are only linked to THC in cannabis plants. And although THC and CBD belong to the same family of cannabis plants, unlike marijuana and its THC content, which can put the body into a state of intoxication, CBD does not exhibit this type of property.

CBD oil therefore directly supports the general well-being of your dog, providing pets with healthy benefits without side effects.

How to use it?

Doses of hemp oil from CBD can vary depending on the size and age of the dog or cat. The most important thing when using CBD oil for animals is that you make sure you are using the right dosage.

It is therefore important that you are aware of your cat or dog’s behavior and reaction.

For pets, there are oil versions of CBD that you can slip directly under their tongue or into their meals.

Although the effectiveness of CBD oil is the subject of a number of debates within the veterinary community, it is generally considered to be of low risk to our animal friends.


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