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Hemp has been cultivated by humans since the dawn of time. For many centuries it was produced outdoors, but with its ban in the early 20th century, its culture had to be reinvented. This is why indoor productions have emerged.
Now, hemp growers use 3 methods to exploit it: outdoor (exterior), in indoor (interior) or in greenhouse (under a greenhouse). Each has advantages and disadvantages.
What are the differences between these different cultures? This is what we will explain to you in the rest of this article! You can also consult our complete dossier on CBD Flowers

Indoor culture: the perfect mastery of CBD flowers

What is indoor culture?

Indoor hemp production began a century ago, following a ban on the cultivation, consumption, and sale of cannabis. For good reason, it is a discreet method compared to an outside culture. It is carried out in large hangars and is considered the crème de la crème of cultures.

The benefits of indoor planting

Growing hemp indoors allows full control of production conditions. Indeed, this requires sophisticated equipment that allows producers to control the brightness, temperature, CO2 rate and humidity. The soil used is also richer in nutrients and the watering is administered precisely.
The plantation does not then suffer any external inconvenience. This is why an indoor culture gives rise to high quality and tasty flowers. They have a different taste from outdoor hemp flowers. Among the most coveted, we find Banana Kush, Orange Bud CBD, but also Trim, our bestseller from several varieties of indoor hemp.

The disadvantages of indoor culture

This method requires a heavy financial and material investment as well as advanced technical knowledge. Nothing is left to chance, producers must fully master the cultivation process to produce premium CBD flowers. Also, growing hemp indoors takes patience, as the yield is a bit lower than outdoors. Moreover, even if it is possible to make a organic indoor cultivation, it is one of the least ecological methods. Indeed, it consumes significant amounts of water and electricity. All these elements therefore have an impact on the selling price of CBD flowers. This is a little higher than for outdoor or greenhouse cannabidiol flowers.

Outdoor culture: the natural method

Focus on outdoor culture

Outdoor cultivation is the oldest and most natural method of growing hemp. Be careful though, this is not a wild crop. It still requires careful attention from hemp growers.

Outdoor planting of hemp and its benefits

One of the main advantages of outdoor crops is the important yield. This is because cannabis plants grow thanks to natural light and rain. This therefore represents a certain saving compared to indoor cultivation. No need to invest in specific facilities or to have unique know-how to grow hemp outdoors. It is also the most ecological method, because the environment naturally provides everything the plant needs.
What’s more, CBD hemp flowers grown outdoors have distinctive aromas, which are not found in the other two production methods. Less perfect in appearance, they have raw, authentic flavors and are more economical to buy. Some of them have become essential for connoisseurs. This is particularly the case for Jack Herer CBD flowers Where Harlequin, considered as one of the best outdoor varieties on the French market.

The disadvantages of outdoor culture

Who says external production says to be dependent on external inconveniences. Climate change has a strong impact on plants even if some varieties are more resistant than others. Also, outdoor hemp is more vulnerable to pests or disease. This is why producers often resort to pesticides and other chemicals. It is important to ensure that the cannabidiol flowers consumed are from organic farming.
In addition, it is complicated to control the cannabinoid composition of flowers. Although the yield is large, the plants grow longer and the harvest is done once a year.

Greenhouse culture: a mix of indoor and outdoor

What is greenhouse production?

Fairly recent, this method of growing hemp is carried out in a greenhouse. It is located halfway between indoor culture and outdoor culture.

The advantages of greenhouse planting

This method protects the hemp from external aggressions while benefiting from sunlight and natural soil. The greenhouse also has the advantage of creating a microclimate around the plantations. In addition, production conditions are controlled by growers, who can intervene in the life cycle of plants and regulate watering or humidity. This results in faster flowering and a harvest several times a year.
Moreover, it is a more respectful of the environment and less expensive than indoor cultivation. CBD greenhouse flowers are of a Very good value for money. Among the most popular, find Mango Kush with its delicious mango flavor.

Are there any disadvantages in greenhouse?

By combining the advantages of indoor and outdoor production, it seems to be a “miracle” alternative. Both natural and controlled, it is well understood for producers, but also for consumers. CBD flowers are quality, with coveted intense or delicate aromas depending on the variety. Whether they come from indoor, outdoor or greenhouse cultivation, at Authentic-CBD, we choose all of our CBD flowers very carefully. They come fromorganic farming and contain a THC level of less than 0.2% which makes them perfectly legal in France. It’s up to you to test which CBD flowers are right for you!


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