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The times we are going through are incredible and the violence of the crisis that we have been facing over the past few months is unprecedented. After many months of illness, business closures and layoffs, the morale of the French is at its lowest.
According to the latest epidemiological bulletin of Public health France, in six weeks, the rate of depression rose from 10.9% to 20.9%. In this context of a particularly anxiety-provoking crisis, it may be interesting to see how natural products like CBD could have a positive impact on the morale of the French. Check out our guide What should you know about CBD in 2021? to learn more about CBD.

A peak in CBD consumption linked to the first confinement

Even though the CBD market is booming, it must be recognized that the first confinement linked to Covid-19 crisis played an important role in the development of cannabidiol consumption with the French. In some, the use of legal cannabis aimed to fight anxiety linked to the virus, for others, a small herbal tea of ​​cbd the evening before going to bed, helped them have a good nights.

From the first cases of contamination to national containment

It all started with the arrival of the Coronavirus on French territory in the first quarter of 2020. This wave of contamination quickly turned into epidemic, with saturated hospitals and intensive care units.
In an attempt to contain the problem and curb the spread of the virus, the government decides to set up a national containment. The French are then confined to their homes from March 17, for 55 days. Never seen ! This situation has caused for many people spikes in stress and anxiety.

How to manage the anxiety attacks linked to this pandemic?

This very anxiety-provoking situation has provoked in some, anxiety attacks. Anguish about illness, the economic situation, the future, etc. For many, these ailments are new and the people who experience them do not necessarily know how to deal with these anxieties, or if there is a remedy to make them disappear.

Anxiolytics, gentle methods, cbd, what solutions for anxiety attacks?

Faced with his anxieties, everyone agrees and everyone tries to find the best solution to make them disappear as quickly as they arrived. In some cases, the use of medication may be recommended and in other cases, more natural methods could be advised. Let’s try to clarify this.

Are anxiolytics the only solution?

The most common drugs used to manage these attacks are those from the family of anxiolytics. However, these powerful drugs present some risks and side effects such as sedation, drowsiness, amnesia, coordination disorders, dizziness or drug dependence.

An alternative with natural methods

In many cases, methods called “Natural” such as the practice of a physical activity, meditation, yoga or sophrology, can be solutions to manage anxiety attacks.

Using CBD to manage anxiety

There are many testimonials from people doing theuse of CBD to relieve their anxieties. It would seem that for most of the subjects interviewed, taking cannabidiol, whether it be in oil or infusion, has positive effects on their ability to fall asleep more easily and to take a step back from certain situations.

How to fight stress effectively during this period?

In a less acute form than anxiety attacks, the Covid-19 pandemic has created significant stress levels for many French people. It is important to know how to manage this stress so that it does not poison our daily lives.

Natural methods to relieve stress

The use of gentle and natural methods can in many cases be sufficient to manage your peaks of stress. Meditation, “cardiac coherence” type breathing exercises, physical exercise, yoga, are interesting and beneficial solutions for the organism.
To reduce stress, it is also advisable to avoid alcohol, tobacco, and reduce the daily doses of caffeine.

Cannabinoids to fight stress

ConsumeCBD oil or some CBD flowers in infusion or in the diet could also play a positive role in the good management of stress. Some studies carried out on mammals show the positive effects of CBD on stress.
The effects of the cannabinoids present in hemp, and more particularly those of cannabidiol, suggest that the CBD could be an ally in combating stress.

The importance of relaxing during this Covid crisis

The French have shown resilience and patience throughout the duration of the first confinement. During the second wave, more and more people showed signs of irritability and discontent that were much more noticeable than during the first wave. The current situation shows us how bad it is important to relax and unwind to avoid implosion.

Relaxing with cannabis but without getting high, is it possible?

When we talk about relaxation, we immediately think of illegal cannabis and its high and euphoric effects. But if it were possible to consume cannabis that does not make a planner? Legal cannabis in which the THC would have given way to softer hemp molecules without any side effects ? No, you’re not dreaming ! It’s possible, it exists and it’s called the cannabidiol, or CBD for the close friends.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

the THC, the main cannabinoid of the hemp plant which is best known for its euphoric and psychotropic effects, is totally illegal in France. It is often equated with joints, smoking and stoning.
the CBD meanwhile, is another cannabinoid present in hemp but which has the particularity of not causing any side effects. He is perfectly legal in France and his relaxing properties and soothing make it a great ally to relax without having to fear the slightest adverse effect.

But how do I take CBD if I don’t smoke?

You are not a smoker and do not intend to become so during this health crisis? You are quite right ! Rest assured, no need to smoke to consume CBD. On the contrary ! If its big brother THC is known for its smoke, cannabidiol has the advantage of being consumable in different forms. You will find it in the form sublingual CBD oil, in the form of hemp flowers to infuse or cook, but also in ready-to-use CBD infusion or in softgel capsules.
In more greedy forms, you will find this hemp molecule in cbd chocolate or in confectionery.
In short, CBD has not finished surprising you and could well become your best friend during this gloomy period!


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