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French justice against CBD professionals has become almost commonplace. Well, that’s the case in Aude. The manager of a CBD shop in Limoux is accused of several obstacles to justice, including the sale of narcotics. But not only that. You will see that there are other charges hanging over her. She is placed under judicial supervision on Wednesday, August 4, 2021. The passage in court will be done very soon. A sequel to the soap opera between the French authorities and the actors of the CBD? We tell you everything.

Undeclared activity

At the origin of this avalanche of charges against this shopkeeper: an undeclared activity. It then enters the sights of the authorities. But the case turns sour when the Carcassonne public prosecutor’s office launches the investigation and the agents of the Limoux search brigade carry out a first search last May. On their Facebook page, the Carcassonne gendarmerie claims to have discovered flowers that were tested positive by the screening kit. Laboratory analyzes later will confirm that these flowers contain a THC level above the authorized threshold.

Other charges

In addition to the non-declaration of activity, we know that this manager improvised herself as a pharmacist in her spare time. But in order not to stop there, it is also accused of laundering and improperly obtaining a covid premium. Enough to leave this manager behind bars for a while. Please note that presenting CBD as a drug is prohibited.

A repeat offender?

After this first discovery, the gendarmes recommended to the manager of the shop to cease her activity. The store has also temporarily closed. But our budding pharmacist did not see all of this the same way and in no way tried to review her stock to comply with the standards in force. She reopens her shop and resells the same products. This refusal to comply with the rules led to new investigations in June which uncovered other infringements.

The authorities then carried out a second search of the shop as well as the home of the accused in Pomas. The gendarmes made quite a few discoveries there: cannabis plants, packaging sachets and cash. In light of these new exhibits, the woman was taken into police custody in early August followed by judicial supervision. It will be placed in the hands of the criminal court before the end of 2021.

A new form of hunting for CBD professionals?

For several years, the French authorities have been relentlessly targeting CBD professionals other than in Aude. We have been entitled to the arrest of several store managers and the closure of many establishments distributing CBD products. This hunt for CBD professionals is based on the law against narcotics, according to the explanations of the French authorities. The Court of Justice of the European Union does not share this point of view condemned the actions of the French authorities against CBD professionals.

Certainly, we have seen changes after The Pot Company affair, but there is still a long way to go. Indeed, despite these new decrees concerning the legality of the commercialization of CBD in France, the authorities still seem to want to put further things in the wheels of well-being hemp according to the Union of CBD Professionals (UPCBD). We talk about this association in this article by the way.

Should we see this form of persecution of CBD actors behind this Aude affair? We don’t know yet. Is there bad faith on the part of the manager? We will have to wait for the evolution of the investigation. But it can be said that the fervent advocates of CBD professionals will not lose sight of this case.

In short, this Aude affair will surely make waves again in the world of well-being hemp. Either it will be proof of the relentlessness of the French authorities on CBD professionals, or of the existence of so-called malicious CBD professionals who only tarnish the image of the sector in France. To be followed closely.


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