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For novice users who need light to adopt an appropriate consumption and benefit from benefits of CBD, Authentique CBD created this practical user guide which will allow you to make the most of your favorite molecule!

The consumption of CBD in France

Consumption of CBD in France is becoming more and more appreciated, both for the quality of these natural products derived from the hemp flower, as for the many effects of cannabinoids present in the various products.

The different ways of consuming CBD

When we talk about CBD, there is often a confusion that is made with the consumption of cannabis, often equated with “smoking”. This consumption remains totally illegal in France and it is very important to be able to differentiate between the consumption of recreational cannabis containing THC and the consumption of CBD which is legal and regulated.

While it is prohibited and not recommended to smoke the CBD flower, you will see in this guide that today there are different ways of consuming CBD, 100% legal way. Whether you want to consume Hemp flowers, of the’Cannabidiol Oil, from CBD herbal teas or even CBD e-liquids containing cannabinoids and terpenes, this guide will help you better understand the different modes of consumption available to you.

Consuming CBD Oil

Cannabidiol hemp oil, more commonly known as CBD oil, is an increasingly widespread and popular mode of consumption. It allows everyone to benefit from effects of CBD and of entourage effect thanks to others cannabinoids present in hemp, while consuming a product that does not contain no trace of THC.

CBD oil comes in small glass vials that are closed with a stopper containing a dropper pipette integrated. These vials, often of 10ml of capacity, may contain a CBD rate more or less. The dosage of CBD is often between 5% and 40%.

How to consume CBD oil?

The method of using hemp oil is very simple, which allows you to easily integrate it into your daily gestures. In fact, you just need to place a few oil drops under your tongue with the help of the pipette, then wait a few seconds before swallowing.

You can also decide to mix its few drops of oil with culinary preparations or drinks of your choice.

Organic CBD oils: 100% natural oils

If you are one of those environmentally conscious people, you will appreciate the ranges of organic CBD oils, produced from hemp production that do not use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. This method of hemp cultivation assures you to consume high quality 100% natural oils.

All about CBD Flowers

CBD-rich hemp flowers are among the flagship products today in France. There is a wide variety of Legal Cannabis Flower in France. You’ve probably heard their names somewhere before. Whether it’s Amnesia, OG Kush, Super Lemon Haze or Strawberry, they all come from cultivation Outdoor, Greenhouse Where Indoor and all contain a rate of THC less than 0.2%, which makes them legal on French territory.

How to consume CBD Flowers?

Before explaining the different ways of consuming CBD Flowers, it is important to specify that Flowers are not meant to be smoked and that this practice is prohibited.

However the hemp flowers can be consumed in different ways that will allow you to retain all the properties and flavors present in these little gems that nature offers us.

Consume CBD Flowers in Infusion

One of the most popular methods to consume CBD flowers is the herbal tea or infusion. This method is comparable to a classic tea or herbal tea infusion, in which you will add a head of hemp flower.
It is advisable to let the CBD flower infuse for at least 10 minutes to remove as much aromas as possible from the terpenes plants and also make the most of effects of cannabinoids.
For infusions, we strongly recommend that you use Trim CBD.This mixture of flowers and hemp leaves with unbeatable price / quality ratio, is perfectly suited for this mode of consumption.
You will also find on our online store a range of CBD infusions that you will love!

Consuming Vaporized CBD Flowers

Vaporization has entered the world of CBD. Not to be confused with e-cigarettes and CBD e-liquids, this method of consumption allows you to benefit from the benefits of the flower without any combustion. This method involves heating the dried flower to a lower heating point than combustion, but high enough to extract the benefits of the plant.

The two types of vaporizers

To enjoy the vaporization of your CBD flowers, you have the choice between two large families of vaporizers:

  • Home vaporizers: rather large, to plug into an outlet and put on the table. They are often made to share convivial moments with friends with your favorite variety of hemp.

  • Portable vaporizers: Smaller in size, they run on battery power and can follow you everywhere on the go. They are more intended for individual use.

Consume CBD Flowers in the kitchen.

Another popular way to consume your CBD-rich cannabis flowers is to make delicious dishes or to use spices to season your dishes. Many recipes CBD cakes and cakes are available on the internet to help you make the most of your favorite flowers. You can also use it as herbs to enhance a good meat or a pan of vegetables. Your guests will be delighted;)

CBD E-Liquids

The E-liquid is no longer to present. It appeared among consumers a few years ago to help smokers quit tobacco and nicotine through electronic cigarettes. Today the E-liquid and the vaping are ways of consuming CBD that are very popular, both for people new to vaping and CBD, and for people who want weaning off THC.

How to choose my CBD E-Liquids?

There are different ranges of E-liquids on the market. You will have the choice between hemp tastes, from red fruit taste, from citrus tastes, and many more flavors. In addition, you will have the possibility to choose the CBD dosage that you want in your E-Liquid. There are even CBD Boosters that allow you to increase the dosage of CBD in your E-liquid as you see fit. Be careful all the same to respect the maximum recommended dose.

If you don’t know which taste is right for you, there are e-liquid packs that will allow you to try out multiple flavors.

How to consume CBD E-Liquids?

To consume your CBD e-liquids, you must bring an electronic cigarette or a Rechargeable e-pen. To get the most out of the flavors and retain all the properties of cannabinoids, we recommend that you use e-pen with a tight draw.

CBD capsules

The capsules also called Softgel CBD are food supplements that come in the form of soft capsules to be swallowed with a glass of water.

These capsules can be an alternative to CBD oil for people who don’t like the taste of hemp. There are different dosages which will have to be adapted according to your needs.


DIY or ‘Do It Yourself’ in English, consists in making yourself CBD products. As with cooking recipes, you will find many articles on the internet that will explain how to make your own CBD products.

Be careful, however, not to do anything and use rigorously selected products to be sure to manufacture products. 100% Legal CBD products.


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