The entire cannabis world is in mourning today


The master of Hash, Frenchy Cannoli has passed away.

The entire cannabis world is in mourning today.

French hashish master Frenchy Cannoli passed away on Saturday.

The news was announced by his wife, Kimberly on social media. Frenchy Cannoli died Sunday July 18 following surgery. A hashish heritage. Frenchy Cannoli was known in the cannabis world for his very famous hashish and most of those around him describe him as very unique. French by origin, he had known how to combine ancestral hashish-making techniques, learned during his many trips to producing countries during the first part of his life, with modern knowledge around cannabis and trichomes.

The result was an extraordinary product, a revolution in hashish in the United States before it moved to California. Frenchy Cannoli was before a great passion for Cannabis, since its discovery of the elaboration of traditional hashish in the 80s in India. His whole life was dedicated to the art of extracting, maturing and sharing this resin that he loved so much, and which was to become his whole life.

Cannoli loved to share his knowledge with everyone around him, and gave his classes wherever he could, whether on social media or in Spanish Cannabis Clubs. Deli Hemp knew Frenchy Cannoli well, he had already visited our stores several times to discuss the same passion: that of Cannabis.

The Deli Hemp team is extremely saddened by this sudden departure. Cannoli leaves us his courage, his joie de vivre and all his art.


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