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What is CBD?

the CBD Where cannabidiol is a substance extracted from cannabis, in the same way as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. It also has the advantage of not being harmful to health and of having countless virtues. Unlike THC, it does not cause hallucinations and is not harmful to general health. CBD is used for relieve pain such as headaches or those caused by a chronic disease such as arthritis for example.

This powerful molecule will also be your ally if you have rpainful rules or to treat certain forms of cancer. It turns out to be a good remedy for Find sleep and overcoming anxiety as well as depression. These are just examples, as the list of uses for this very trendy product is long.

The boom in the sale of CBD

After the legalization of the commercialization of CBD, its sale is a real success. The cannabis industry is taking a new lease of life. There is a strong proliferation of physical stores as well as online ones, offering this product in different forms. To create a CBD Shop is, indeed, a real business. All the more so as many companies specializing in this field are studying all the possibilities in order to market products that meet consumers’ expectations.

In France, we are approaching a thousand stores created since the end of 2018, and it does not seem to stop! In the UK in 2019, the therapeutic CBD market was estimated at 374 million euros. According to the Center for Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis, this will certainly reach one billion euros by 2025.

In CBD shopWhether physical or online, you can easily find any form of cannabidiol you want. These brands have become part of the sale of CBD flowers, powder, oil, resin, capsules and e-liquids. CBD is also making its way into the formulas of a growing number of cosmetic products for the hair, face and body. There is something for all tastes and needs. However, it must be the legal cannabidiol that is sold to the general public. It is made up of 0.2% THC at most. Which is why you should find out about this rate beforebuy your CBD.

In addition, you must also remain very attentive to the quality of the cannabidiol. Indeed, when a product begins to be successful, there are always bad-intentioned people who just want to make money, without really worrying about the well-being of the consumers. Caution is always required, especially when shopping online.

How to explain this success ?

If CBD arouses so much enthusiasm, it is in large part thanks to all its virtues. Word of mouth was the source of the explosion in the sale of this product. Aware of this success and wishing to make the business viable, the CBD shops are experiencing massive growth. Retailing also takes place on social media. These salespeople obviously have a budget to run their business. To give you an idea of ​​the CBD success, know that there are more than 400 brands on the market. It does not stop since almost every day new businesses are opening their doors.

It all started in 2018 with the sale of e-liquids for electronic cigarette enthusiasts. People who quit smoking are very interested in this product, which is considered less harmful and effective in stopping smoking. In addition, there is product innovation, which is always more accessible. Every day, millions of people all over the world use the CBD for many reasons. Some wish to regain health, while others use it to maintain their skin, their hair or their bodies. Everyone has their own needs in this area. In addition, doctors and researchers are supporting this craze around the sale of CBD.

Faced with the proliferation of shops selling cannabidiol and the rising market, defenders of this product want the authorities to offer more freedom in its use. Indeed, in France, its consumption is highly regulated.

In short, political and public opinions have evolved a lot with regard to cannabis and especially CBD, its derivative. Before, the latter was very controversial, as it was confused with THC and its psychotropic effects.

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