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CBD, also called cannabidiol, never ceases to intrigue. Today he becomes the “star” of well-being thanks to its natural virtues. It is found in several forms: oil, in flowers and in particular in infusion.
Comforting and relaxing, CBD herbal teas attract more and more, especially a female population. Zoom on the benefits of these new CBD drinks.

CBD infusions, a pain reliever?

Ideal infusions to calm muscle pain

CBD, a natural extract from hemp, is known for its multiple benefits on the body. It is a real ally for athletes. Indeed, thanks to its soothing action, it allows to release the tensions present in the muscles.
It contributes to both muscle building and recovery by regulating homeostasis. Its anti-catabolic properties regulate the level of cortisol, which will stimulate muscle growth.
What’s more, drink a CBD infusion after a workout considerably reduces muscle soreness the next day. For a 100% relaxing moment, discover our CBD Mint Relaxation or Red Fruits Zen infusion. To learn more about the taste and effects of infusions, see our dedicated article.

Powerful anti-inflammatory properties

The uniqueness of CBD lies in its power to interact with the human endocannabinoid system. This, present in all mammals, regulates the body at different levels: sleep, appetite, mood, stress or pain. When you take cannabidiol, it will play a regulatory role in the central nervous system or the peripheral system.
This is why CBD is recognized for its anti-inflammatory action. CBD herbal teas therefore help calm inflammation, whether nervous, muscular, digestive or skin. They change the perception of pain and help relaxation.
Unlike medicinal anti-inflammatory drugs, consuming CBD infusions does not cause side effects. It’s a natural pain reliever which brings well-being and appeasement.

CBD herbal teas, an alternative for endometriosis-related pain

In general, women are more adept at infusions than men. It is a relaxing and comforting break that they like to take every day. Drinking CBD hemp herbal tea can be a beneficial supplement for those suffering from endometriosis. Indeed, the anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic virtues of cannabidiol will limit abdominal and pelvic cramps, as well as limit nausea. More, drink a CBD infusion is a cocooning moment that allows you to reach a real state of relaxation and well-being, without side effects.

Does CBD hemp herbal tea help sleep?

A natural relaxant that promotes sleep

If you suffer from insomnia or trouble falling asleep, this is surely related to a state of stress. Thanks to its relaxing benefits, CBD is an excellent ally to find a good sleep. Cannabidiol regulates anxiety states and makes you really feel calm. Therefore, consuming a CBD infusion a few hours before sleep can only be beneficial! About 30 minutes after swallowing, you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to start a good night’s sleep!
In addition to being favorable for falling asleep, CBD herbal teas allow you to have a deep and restful sleep.

How to make your own CBD infusion?

CBD herbal teas are composed of CBD hemp flowers. Tasty, they are easy to prepare. To do this, simply place two good spoons of CBD flowers in an infusion scoop, then immerse it in boiling water with a little fat (honey, milk, vegetable oil, etc.). After 10 minutes, your infusion is ready to be sipped! If you are not used to the slightly bitter taste of CBD, do not hesitate to mix it with other plants. Your herbal tea will only be more delicious!


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