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From hemp plant to CBD products

The hemp industry is now highly developed and the uses of hemp are multiple. Hemp or cannabis its scientific name, can be used in the manufacture of fabrics or as construction and insulation materials.

It is also used in the manufacture of cosmetic products or for medical and therapeutic uses, in particular with the use of CBD. CBD consumption in different forms has then developed over time and has even conquered our pets who could well, too, benefit from this plant with a thousand virtues to face their little daily hassles.

The different forms of CBD products

There are many CBD products on the market. You can find out more about these products by reading our guide to using CBD. Let us take a look at the two most popular products here, namely flowers and oils.

The CBD flower

The rawest and least modified form by humans is of course the CBD flower. There are many CBD flower varieties. Some potent CBD flowers come from cultivation Indoor, others are from GreenHouse culture and still others are grown outdoors (Outdoor culture).

These flowers are intended to be consumed as an infusion, vaporization or even in food. Although many men and women appreciate the consumption of CBD in this original form, you will understand that this is not the mode of consumption retained for our friends the animals.

Note that for these flowers to be legal in France, it is important to respect a THC level less than 0.2%.

CBD oil

Cannabidiol hemp oil, more commonly called CBD oil, comes from the hemp plant and is rich in CBD. It is found in different dosages generally varying from 5% to 40% CBD. The more the percentage of CBD in the oil, the more the beneficial effects of cannabinoids will be felt.

CBD oil is a very convenient way to consume cannabidiol, both for humans and for pets such as dogs and cats. The concentration of CBD in animal oils is lower than in humans. It is also necessary to respect the recommended dosages in relation to the weight of your animal before giving him CBD oil.

To get the most out of the natural benefits of CBD and preserve the health of your pet, we advise you to turn to CBD oils for animals, from organic hemp farming, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.


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