The ban on CBD in France deemed illegal by European justice


CBD has, according to a growing number of scientific studies, undeniable therapeutic properties.

The ultimate decision in the world of CBD has just been made. The European court of justice considers the ban on cannabidiol (CBD) by France as illegal. This judgment concerns cannabidiol “legally produced in another Member State of the European Union when it is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant in its entirety”.

It all started in 2018 when two e-cigarette entrepreneurs were convicted of selling a product containing CBD from the Czech Republic, a country that does not have the rules that France has on CBD. The Court of Appeal then considered that the French regulations could not be compatible with those of the European Union. This case resonates, since it is not a unique case in France, many businesses offering CBD have found themselves in similar situations with the courts and have been sanctioned.

The CBD framework being considered far too strict in France, today the rules are changing …

The import becomes possible, but the production remains beautiful & well still prohibited. What impact of this decision in France? The judgment rendered by the CJEU does not mean that French companies will be able to produce CBD directly in France. On the other hand, French regulations will no longer be able to prevent its importation into French territory. A situation that risks however prompting the government to modify the legislation and regulations on the issue of the production in France of CBD.

A stop that comes at a time when the health authorities are embarking on a new experimentation with cannabis for therapeutic purposes … Remember that beyond its recreational uses, CBD has, according to a growing number of studies scientific, therapeutic properties. Even if France is evolving in its progressive demonization of substances derived from cannabis, it nevertheless remains skeptical, and is once again called to order by the European Court of Justice “the national court must assess the scientific data available in order to ensure that the alleged real risk to public health does not appear to be based on purely hypothetical considerations ”.


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