Several mayors of Ile de France favor the legalization of cannabis.


Whether in the cities of Ile-de-France or in the Oise, 36 mayors of Ile-de-France are in favor of the legalization of cannabis, according to a study by the Parisian.

France remains one of the biggest cannabis consumers in France. Indeed the country has 7% of regular consumers, which makes between 4 and 5 million.

Unfortunately it remains a country with one of the toughest laws on the cannabis plant.

Unlike its neighboring countries Germany, Belgium still Italy owning cannabis punishable by a fine only from a certain amount.

While in France the simple possession of a seal is liable to 200 euros in fines.

“The repression is counterproductive, as with the prohibition of alcohol in the United States of the 1920s”, regrets Ali Rabeh the mayor of Trappes in Yvelines, quoted by Le Parisien.

On December 20, Gérard Darmanin announced the creation of an internet platform to report traffic points.

According to some local elected officials, the solution proposed by the minister is unnecessary “My experience as mayor for three years has made me evolve on the issue […] I do not see how, in a police and judicial manner, to stop the traffic, it is to empty the sea with a teaspoon ”, Raphael Cognet, mayor (LR) of Mantes-la-Jolie.

More and more but are changing their mindsets on the issue: “I test the subject at public meetings. The older ones were viscerally against it, but in ten years I have seen the change of opinion ”, believes Bertrand Kern, mayor (PS) of Pantin.

Even if some elected officials remain firmly opposed to the legalization of cannabis. For Manuel Aeschlimann, the mayor (LR) of Asnières, “To decriminalize is to abdicate”. Another even got angry with a journalist from the Parisian. “You piss me off with this subject” dropped this chosen one on the phone.


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