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During pregnancy, women are required to monitor the substances and foods they ingest to promote the healthy development of the fetus. They are therefore forced to stop smoking or to be careful about taking certain medications, for example. Can CBD Be A Natural Alternative For Pregnant Women? Are there any risks for the baby?

Can Consuming CBD During Pregnancy Be Advised?

There is no miracle answer to this question, because no one has the necessary hindsight to judge it. There is very little scientific research on this subject. Moreover, there are two contradictory biases. The first tries to promote CBD as a natural solution for the ailments of pregnant women and the second tends to prohibit its use so as not to endanger the development of the fetus.

In the rest of this article, we try to explain its effects, both positive and negative. We do not encourage its use or prohibition. Any decision should be taken in consultation with your doctor.

Focus on CBD

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the main molecules derived from hemp plant. It should not be confused with its big brother, THC, a popular component of cannabis. Unlike the latter, consuming CBD does not provide no psychotropic effects or addiction.

It allows you to benefit from the various natural virtues of hemp without having that feeling of high. For a long time considered to be a drug, CBD is starting to improve its image.

Although it is not officially recognized by the scientific scene as potential therapeutic treatment, it is becoming popular on French territory and internationally. In recent years, we have witnessed the opening of numerous cbd shops and a boom in different ranges of cannabidiol products. This is particularly the case for cosmetics, cbd oils and infusions which are constantly developing. Its many natural benefits are gradually becoming popular, in particular for relieving pain in the context of certain pathologies.

The potential effects of cannabidiol on pregnancy

It is important to understand the mechanism on which the CBD acts at the level of the human body. We all have a endocannabinoid system (SEC) composed of two receptors. the CB1, whose role is to regulate our central nervous system and certain organs. And the CB2 which acts on our peripheral system, i.e. our immunity and the functions of the spinal cord.

Belonging to the family of cannabinoids, this hemp extract interferes with these two receptors and regulates their actions. the role of cannabidiol on the SEC can be multiple. Thanks to its natural virtues, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and analgesic. It thus causes the relief of pain, migraines, nausea and vomiting, but also helps reduce stress, regulate hunger or find a good sleep.

Unable to take certain medications and often prone to these daily ailments, pregnant women tend to seek natural alternatives. CBD could then become a potential natural ally during pregnancy. It is beneficial for nausea as well as for pain associated with contractions of the uterus (Braxton Hix) and may reduce the feeling of heavy legs. Although no study actually shows it, many women use cannabidiol as a tea during their pregnancy and advocate favorable effects to accompany them throughout these 9 months.

How to take cannabidiol if you are pregnant

If you want to use CBD during your pregnancy, it is best to do so as a sublingual oil or by mixing a few drops into your food preparations and drinks. You can also infuse CBD flowers by adding them to other plants in your herbal teas or drinking hemp flower infusions.

Cosmetics, especially cannabidiol creams, can also be a safe alternative. You can, for example, apply it on your legs to reduce the feeling of heaviness or your back pain in order to relax your muscles. At last, it is not recommended to smoke it, because it is often mixed with tobacco which carries a risk of complications in pregnancy. In any case, be sure to consume quality products, from theorganic farming and containing no trace of THC. It is also important to point out that it is best to dose the CBD lightly. Do not make any decisions without the prior consent of your doctor.

Are there any risks associated with the use of CBD for the child?

CBD has very low side effects and is not considered to be harmful to the health of the mother. However, the medical evidence is still too thin to judge the risk to the child.

Contrary to THC, which is totally inadvisable, because causes complications on the development of fetuses. Scientifically, cannabidiol is neither contraindicated nor recommended. But as a precautionary principle and a lack of studies, doctors are often reluctant to recommend it to pregnant women.

In addition, if you have permission, be vigilant about the type of product consumed, because some have traces of THC or harmful substances such as heavy metals or pesticides. Even if cannabidiol in itself is not a priori dangerous for the baby, these elements can endanger your pregnancy.

CBD consumption during pregnancy remains a very controversial subject. For lack of studies and scientific hindsight, it is better to take your precautions. If you use any, pay attention to product quality. We invite you to read our article Understanding the composition of CBD products.


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