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Molecule from hemp, CBD provides many natural benefits. Relaxing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, it appeals to consumers for its well-being side. It is found in various forms (flowers, oils, e-liquids, resins …) in order to meet everyone’s needs and desires.
Faced with the multiplicity of cbd e-shops and shops, it is sometimes difficult to know how to recognize the quality of a produced with CBD.
To make sure, you have to pay attention to certain criteria that we see below and also in our special guide.

Study the provenance to ensure the quality of a product rich in CBD

Hemp production and traceable products

The first thing to do when you want buy CBD, online or in store, is to find out about the hemp growing place.
To have a high quality of CBD, it is recommended to favor cannabidiol from organic farming. On the one hand, this makes it possible to ensure the purity of the CBD and on the other hand, that the production is carried out in the compliance with European regulations.
In addition, laboratory tests are often carried out to measure the good quality of the product and to respect the THC legal rate in France (0.2%). If not, beware!
If you notice that the brand is not communicating about the origin of its CBD, this is not a good sign.
You must be able to have access to the traceability of the product to cannabidiol to deduce its quality.

Control the transparency of the brand

As mentioned earlier, a brand must give you access to all the necessary information about its products. Each oil, e-liquid, cosmetic or cbd flower, must be accompanied by a label containing all the elements composing it and indicating the origin of the CBD. This avoids dealing with poor quality. Because be careful, it is possible to find, in some products, traces of heavy metals, pesticides, additives, herbicides.
If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask for additional information from the brand. If it is transparent, it will answer you without any problem, unlike those who wish to hide the origin of their products.

Learn about the spectrum contained in the cannabidiol product

As a reminder, CBD is legal in France as long as it does not contain more than 0.2% THC. This is the reason why it does not cause psychotropic or addictive effects, unlike recreational cannabis.

CBD exists in many forms

Depending on the spectrum, the natural benefits of CBD are felt more or less. The products rich in cannabidiol therefore fall into 3 main categories:
-Isolated spectrum : during the extraction of the plant, the CBD molecule is isolated. This is commonly referred to as a CBD isolate. The effects felt will be weaker.
-Large spectrum or “broad spectrum” : the terpenes and all the cannabinoids (CBG CBN…), present in hemp, with the exception of THC, are preserved in the final product. This is why you benefit from entourage effect.
-Full spectrum or “full spectrum”: THC is preserved, but be careful that it does not exceed the legal rate. Depending on the country, the legislation differs even within those of the European Union. Thus, it is necessary to verify that in the proposed product, THC does not exceed 0.2%. Otherwise, you are illegal and so is the mark.
We therefore recommend that you turn to broad spectrum or broad spectrum products to consume CBD in peace and receive all the natural virtues sought.

Check the CBD extraction method

There are different methods for extract the active ingredients of CBD from the cannabis plant. Knowing about the extraction process is essential, as it plays a role in the quality of the final product.
-Supercritical CO2 extraction : CBD is cold or hot extracted. This method requires specific equipment and is more expensive for CBD producers. She allows to preserve cannabinoids by separating it from CO2. We then obtain High quality CBD, pure, with no trace of chemicals or residues.

– Gas, alcohol or oil extraction: These processes are less expensive to produce, but also less safe, because it is possible to find traces, in the CBD, of unwanted and potentially harmful substances for health.
Check with the brand before buying your CBD.

A fair price guarantees the quality of CBD

CBD products tend to be quite expensive. Their prices differ according to the source, the concentration of cannabidiol and of course the quality. Since the chosen extraction process is not the same for everyone, it also greatly influences the cost. So be careful if you notice CBD products at bargain prices. If they are good below market prices, ask yourself questions. Concessions have surely been made in order to produce at a lower cost, to the detriment of quality.
Do not hesitate to make your investigation by taking the points mentioned above to check the good quality. To give you an idea, we estimate that on average: a CBD oil varies between 30 and 150 € depending on the concentration of CBD (10 ml bottle).
E-liquids to vape fluctuate around € 10 to € 30 depending on the dosage of cannabidiol present, for a 10 ml vial.
Flowers sell for between € 2 and € 10 per gram, depending on the culture (Indoor, Greenhouse or Outdoor) and the range.
The products can also be offered as “Pack”, as we do on our online store specializing in cbd. This may be beneficial for you, because the prices are interesting and you are sure not to never run out of CBD.
With the current health context, many users have taken the plunge to buy CBD online.
We invite you to read our article Buy CBD Online, to discover all the many advantages of ordering online!


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