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You have come to realize that smoking is very dangerous for your health. So you try to quit, but you have tried everything without success. Of course, there are nicotine substitutes, cognitive and behavioral therapies, drug treatments and others. But it must be recognized that all these solutions do not adhere to everyone.
That’s why we want to present you with a solution that works every time, or at least in most cases. It’s about CBD. You will probably wonder how the CBD that comes from hemp is able to help you get rid of nicotine once and for all.
In this article, you will find out if this is a true theory. In short, it’s up to you to make the choice after reading everything that follows.

How to stop smoking with CBD?

There is one thing to admit. You have to be strong enough to stop nicotine when you get a taste of it. Indeed, it is a substance which makes the subject dependent. This is why it is quite difficult to detach from it. But what you forget is that nicotine is a slow kill. Those who have understood it are quick to seek solutions to get rid of it.
the CBD which is one of the molecules present in large part in the hemp plant therefore proves to be a solution to get rid of this nicotine addiction. In fact, nicotine has an anxiolytic effect. This allows the smoker to feel boosted when consuming it. This is also why a sudden withdrawal offers you effects such asanxiety, sleep disorders and others.
You can now free yourself from nicotine without fear of the various undesirable effects of the start of withdrawal. You can trust CBD which is a natural and fairly gentle solution. It allows you to release nicotine without stress. This molecule has no psychotropic effect. So you can take it without any worries.

What are the different effects of CBD on nicotine?

Still wondering how CBD can help fight nicotine addiction. We start off by telling you that contrary to popular belief, CBD doesn’t have any narcotic effects. Know that this molecule helps you fight your addiction on two levels.
First, it cannot act on your nervous system because it is not psychoactive. Instead of boosting you like nicotine, CBD will relax you instead. On the other hand, this substance is also very important to combat any form of drug addiction.
It acts just like the anandamide you will find in cocoa. Which means that CBD gives you a psychic satiety. Which implies that you are no longer going feel the lack of withdrawal. So this is the best safe way to say no to nicotine.

Which CBD products to consume for nicotine withdrawal?

For an effective and safe weaning from CBD, you have the choice between several products based on this molecule of the hemp plant. You can also find these for legal sale on several online platforms. It is also possible to find it in CBD shop of your country or city.
To combat this extreme urge to always want to shoot, you can opt for CBD flowers, of the’CBD oil or crystals based on 100% CBD. You can also opt for CBD e-liquids. But we promise you crystals are the noblest form you are going to find on the market.


So you’ve figured out that one of the best natural solutions you have to say goodbye to nicotine is CBD. This hemp molecule, which is becoming more and more legal in several countries around the world, is a real solution in several health cases.
It is still important to reassure yourself that the product you are taking during withdrawal is 100% organic CBD.

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