Recognized for his original creations, one of the greatest French pastry chefs named Philippe Conticini unveils a new creation, a CBD pastry called Cirrus.

We in any case we can not wait we can not wait to discover it!

Especially since CBD remains very popular at the moment, whether in the form of oils or flowers, others are trying it in culinary form.

Through this new creation, the chef is daring and inventive.

His price? Three to ten times more expensive than truffles or caviar.

CBD is known for its relaxing and soothing properties. And for this new culinary invention, chef Conticini has collaborated with FrenchFarm, a company that supplies him with CBD.

The chef explains: “By integrating CBD into my baking, I have, first and foremost, sought to exploit the herbaceous taste of this product. I found it interesting to explore these particularly intense aromatic notes of grass, and the bitterness that comes with it, to pair it all with citrus. If, moreover, one or two hours after having tasted this cake, one can feel a feeling of well-being, appeasement and relaxation, then so much the better. Especially in this current time of stress and uncertainty. But that was not the primary objective when I created this cake, because, whatever the subject that concerns me, only the imperative need to offer to the greatest number, a maximum of pleasure and d ’emotions, through reflection and in-depth work on taste ”.

This new pastry named Cirrus takes the shape and name of a cloud.

Inside it is composed of a sparkling sabayon made with lime and yuzu juice, and a creamy insert made with grapefruit, blood orange and lemon.

The chef also added pieces of Timut berry for a peppery and lemony note.

And to top it off, the creamy insert finally contains CBD.

This original gourmet creation weighs 150 g and is therefore intended to be shared. It will be marketed in limited quantities at a price of 22 €.


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