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There is no debate on the subject, CBD is undoubtedly the new darling of wellness enthusiasts and many people want to include CBD in their daily routine. Whether in oils or infusionsIt seems that CBD can also relieve some pain and even give a glimmer of hope to our seniors with more serious illnesses. What is it really ? Studies on the subject remain rare and the points discussed below are only the result of feedback from some users. You can also consult our article on CBD for womenes in which we detail all the benefits of this molecule for the well-being of women.

Can CBD make you feel better every day?

Whether it is to alleviate ailments or to improve our performance, CBD seems to have valuable assets in relieving certain conditions that eat away at the lives of millions of French people. Focus on the benefits of CBD:

CBD for weaning off cannabis

THC and CBD are two cousins ​​molecules and often subject to amalgamation. Anyway, the law is very clear: cannabis containing THC is illegal in France while CBD is not. Many people seek to wean themselves off cannabis to become legal and especially to resume a “normal” life far from that feeling of “high” that THC brings. This is where CBD comes in: CBD flowers offer consumers similar olfactory sensations but without the addiction and “high” effect, CBD therefore helps people addicted to cannabis to quit. Note that consumption in combustion is not recommended, however, opt for CBD herbal teas!

Alcoholism, a scourge that can be stopped thanks to CBD?

Alcoholism affects 10% of the population in France. It is an extremely difficult scourge to stop because alcohol is deeply rooted in our culture and the impact of withdrawal on our body and our mind is very violent. This is where CBD can help, its action on the endocannabinoid system seems to help soothe certain feelings of withdrawal that make withdrawal painful.

Can CBD make you feel better?

Many French people are subject on a daily basis to various and varied ailments that negatively impact their quality of life. Some have opted for CBD and followers are touting it. Focus on a few examples:

Can CBD Boost Your Immune System?

Immune system deficits can appear in each of us for quite different reasons, fatigue, stress, depression. We cannot name them all because the situations are extremely varied. The action of CBD on the endocannabinoid system, through its natural antioxidant function, seems to be a powerful ally to boost your immune system!

Victims of migraines? CBD might help you

About 15% of the world’s population is affected by the scourge of migraines. These headaches of varying intensity drastically degrade the quality of life of those affected. The relaxing action of CBD can be a great ally for anyone who suffers from unbearable migraines.

I am taking other medications, can I also take CBD?

In our modern society, there are very few people who are not already on medication. This is a subject that requires the analysis of a medical expert, so it is imperative that you turn to your GP to make sure that your treatment and CBD are not in conflict. You can also check out our full article on CBD and Drug Interactions for the warnings.

Epilepsy, where the drugs do not work can CBD intervene?

Epilepsy is a chronic nervous disease. Very little known, this pathology nevertheless affects 600,000 people in France! Some sufferers feel hopeless because there are drug-resistant forms of the disease, that is, traditional traditional drug treatments do not work. Thanks to its action on the endocannabinoid system (SEC), CBD would reduce epileptic seizures where drugs have remained unnecessary.

CBD and hypertension, the number one chronic disease in France

Specialized studies on this subject are still rare in France, there are some in England and across the Atlantic as we mentioned in an article specially dedicated to CBD and hypertension. CBD appears to be a great natural vasodilator, we recommend consuming it as an infusion. Remember to consult your doctor before consuming it.

Diseases of the Third Age, Can CBD Relieve?

CBD infusions for people with Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease mainly affects people over 65 and it is estimated that around 1 million people are affected. An American study seems to show that CBD is able to act positively on certain failing brain systems as we mentioned in our article. CBD and Alzheimer’s: Encouraging New Findings. CBD infusions are particularly suitable for consumption by the elderly.

Parkinson’s disease and CBD

Although the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are easily recognized, the causes are much less so. Tremor and muscle tension are symptoms that can be quickly relieved with the relaxing action of CBD. To find out more read our article specially dedicated to Parkinson’s disease and CBD


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