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How about discovering a product that is both gourmet and therapeutic? In a warm and tasty sip of CBD infusion, set off on a journey to the heart of a universe where well-being and taste pleasure combine … We will accompany you throughout this sweet getaway!

A range of CBD infusions with varied tastes

Why taste a CBD herbal tea?

You may not know it, but CBD is the new darling of the French. And it is not by chance! This legal and harmless extract of the cannabis plant offers its consumers a true infinity of physical and psychological virtues … Insomnia, pain, stress, anxiety, depression, premenstrual syndrome, or even digestive disorders … CBD is susceptible. to soothe many everyday ailments. There is also a tendency to recommend it in the face of various chronic or degenerative diseases. You will understand, cannabidiol has it all! CBD herbal tea, more particularly still, seduces for its dual function: it is both an undeniable well-being product, but also a hot drink that we sip with great pleasure …

CBD herbal tea, the mixture of a thousand and one flavors!

There are many forms in which to consume CBD: CBD flowers, CBD oils, CBD e-liquid … But the attraction of CBD herbal tea is of course its incredible and multiple flavors. What could be nicer than enjoying the benefits of CBD with indulgence? At Authenthique-CBD, you will find a wide range of delicious hemp infusions in particular: from the playfulness of red fruits to the freshness of mint via the dynamism of citrus fruits or the relaxation of green tea, there is undoubtedly something for all tastes … Whether it is to relax after a long day of work, to treat yourself to a long and peaceful night’s sleep, or simply to detoxify your body in depth, Authentique-CBD benefits from infusion packs Fully original and varied CBD.

Authentique-CBD offers a range of organic infusions

Good reasons to choose premium CBD

The CBD market is vast. In the midst of many offers, novices get lost. However, be aware that not all CBD products are created equal. It is always better to choose a quality CBD product rather than a discount item with questionable ingredients … Concretely, why opt for organic CBD? First, for a health issue: organic farming standards require that the use of toxic substances for the human body and the planet, such as pesticides or herbicides, be banned. Then, quality CBD undeniably respects the legislative standards in force. For example, at Authentique-CBD, rigorous and regular checks are carried out in the laboratory. Thus, you are guaranteed to buy CBD with less than 0.02% THC.

Choose high quality CBD infusions!

Did you know ? Behind Authentique-CBD, hides a young and passionate team, anxious to be part of a commercial approach that is both ethical and ecological. His goal ? Allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of CBD with confidence! Thus, this innovative French brand is a real benchmark in the world of high-end CBD. Its products meet very selective qualitative criteria. It has become the favorite e-shop for lovers of 100% healthy and tasty CBD infusions. Choosing Authentique-CBD is above all choosing herbal teas rich in hemp entirely concocted in France, according to the strict rules of organic farming … We wish you in advance a pleasant moment of relaxation and taste pleasure!


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