Is driving under CBD dangerous?



Driving after consuming CBD is a danger to road safety. This is because CBD can cause drowsiness and dizziness. In addition, a gendarmerie control by saliva test will detect traces and will be positive.

We therefore advise against driving under CBD, so as not to expose you to a drug test which would result in an offense.

Can you drive after consuming CBD?

If CBD is harmless at first glance and causes a feeling of calm, it still has a few side effects that must be taken into account. Indeed, cannabidiol acts on the brain by increasing the levels of GABA and anandamide.

These substances present in our skull act on the mental state by causing rapid and powerful relaxation.

Obviously, these are mild and pleasant effects, but they can be the cause of mood swings, fatigue or dizziness.

This is why we prefer to dissuade you from driving after consuming CBD, to avoid any fixed fine or any problem with the Attorney General.

Better not to put yourself and others at risk on the road. Protect yourself and don’t drive under the influence of cannabidiol, no matter how small.

However, if you want to take the road, favor low doses of CBD so as not to find yourself involved in an accident, which in the eyes of justice would have the flavor of a crime. The news of cannabis and cbd is not lacking in various facts about drivers who have used before getting behind the wheel.

How long can you drive after consuming CBD?

In general, the tiny traces of THC present in CBD (0.2%) tend to disappear after about 6 hours. This is the minimum time that must be waited before driving.

Therefore, if you work during the day, and you have to travel by car to get to work. it is advisable to wait until the evening to start consuming therapeutic cannabis.

By itself, the consumption of CBD does not pose an extreme danger to driving. But if you react to it badly, and you notice side effects, then it is better to avoid getting behind the wheel.

In addition, French repressive laws may condemn you for the lower level of THC in the body, and you have a probability of exposing yourself to some problems with the law.

The effects of CBD on the body and mind

CBD has a wide range of beneficial results for body and mind. It fights carcinogenic cells, acts as a support in the face of certain pains or helps reduce smoking, or even quit smoking altogether.

Even if many studies are still being carried out today, there is no longer any doubt, cannabidiol is a promising molecule, some patients suffering from anxiety or diseases like Parkinson’s already use it as an ally against their pathology.

Although it is quite controversial in the eyes of the French authorities, CBD is emerging as a real ally of the human being, which will make it possible to relieve various cases of more or less benign pathologies.

In the balance, it is clear that the positive effects take the upper hand, compared to the negative side effects which remain bearable.

Side effects of cannabidiol

Like all molecules, cannabidiol has its side effects, although they are not alarming, it is always advisable to be aware of them when consuming the latter. Here they are :

  • CBD can cause a drop in blood pressure when taking a large dose of CBD oil;
  • It also causes nausea;
  • In the event of a decrease in blood pressure associated with the consumption of cannabidiol, you may experience dizziness and lightheadedness;
  • Ingesting CBD sometimes results in a feeling of dry mouth. It is caused by the activation of endocannabinoid receptors which results in the cessation of saliva production. It’s uncomfortable, but without consequences
  • Some people suffer from drowsiness or insomnia when consuming this molecule.

What the CBD Consumption Law says:

The law allows the consumption of products containing CBD on the condition that the ingredients do not exceed a THC level of 0.20%.

This regulation is strict and it concerns the capacity and not the finished product, so be careful not to be fooled!

This hemp derivative can be sold, bought and consumed legally as long as care is taken to verify its origin and the list of ingredients.

In addition, smoking CBD flower remains prohibited.

Understanding what CBD is and how it differs from THC

CBD, the full name of which is cannabidiol, is a molecule derived from plants classified in the cannabinaceae family. These cannabinoid plants include different varieties of hemp and cannabis, including Cannabis Sativa from which the CBD molecule is extracted.

Cannabis is well known for its psychotic effects and its famous ranking among narcotics. These harmful effects are caused by another molecule: tetrahydrocannabinol aka THC.

It is a powerful psychotropic drug, which is why it is considered a drug classified among narcotics.

If CBD comes from the same plant, it does not cause the same consequences. Indeed, if the sulphurous reputation of its cousin THC overshadows it, it is good to note that cannabidiol is not a psychotropic drug, but rather a product rich in benefits.

It is found in cosmetics, e-liquids and food supplements in different forms. Its consumption, subject to certain conditions, is legal on French territory, while the consumption of THC remains severely punished by law.


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