Is CBD recommended for regulating premature ejaculation?


The sexual act is an intimate moment in a couple. They discover each other and share pleasure in a mutual way. However, some people feel disappointment and unease during this act because of the oversized troubles. To remedy this, pharmaceutical pills, sex therapy or breathing exercises are among the remedies aimed at helping these individuals overcome these disorders. Currently, another remedy is added to this list. This is cannabidiol, the molecule extracted from cannabis. This natural substance is found to be very effective in curing various sexual disorders.

Does CBD Oil Actually Suppress Premature Ejaculation?

The bedroom is the place of physical intimacy for partners. They get to know each other intimately by delivering their fantasies. But, this room can also be a place of embarrassment when one of the partners is not satisfied with the sexual act. About 5% of men aged 40 are victims of erectile function disorders. In contrast, only 29% of women reach orgasm during this intimate moment.

The American Specialized Institute (ISH) for Sexual Health as well as Erectile Problems recently published an interesting study concerning the effectiveness of CBD oil against premature ejaculation disorders.

This experiment carried out by this institute is promising. About 8,400 American volunteers consumed Cold extracted CBD during intercourse. The penetration time of subjects who took CBD oil increased dramatically. After the first dose of treatment:

  • 30% of men lasted more than 8 minutes during their sexual intercourse
  • 30% of subjects experienced an evolution over 13 minutes
  • 40% had their intercourse extended to about 18 minutes.

These results are quite impressive. And even more incredible, “After one month of treatment, 80% of the subjects had sexual relations lasting more than 20 minutes”. In other words, men were able control their ejaculation to have a fulfilling sex life with their partners.

Why is cold pressed CBD oil more effective than other products?

According to numerous scientific researches, cold-pressed CBD oil perfectly meets the criteria and helps to better manage the disorders of a premature ejaculator. According to Sébastien Tarnero, a renowned sex therapist, this natural solution lowers the level of stress and emotionality, once in the body. Thus, the muscles will relax more easily and anxiety instantly decreases.

This cannabinoid is also famous for increasing the level of serotonin in the central nervous system. Indeed, this neurotransmitter plays an important role in the modulation of sexual arousal, according to our sexologist. If you are having problems in your married life, do not hesitate to adopt a cold pressed CBD oil. This product retains all the therapeutic virtues of hemp.

Is CBD an aphrodisiac product?

Decreased libido is a phenomenon that affects many couples at the moment. With daily stress, dietary differences, screen overconsumption and professional life, sex life is slowing down. Apart from these various factors, lack of communication, decreased sexual attraction or being too familiar with your partner and / or partner also contributes to the decrease in attraction between spouses.

A natural disinhibant to improve self-confidence

As you very well know, CBD is a non-psychoactive substance. This is why it is used as a treatment to alleviate pain and illness. Pre-clinical studies still reveal the beneficial actions of this molecule on libido.

Erectile disorders are caused by the natural aging of the human being. Therefore, the organism produces dioxin, a toxic substance which causes ejaculation disorders. To get rid of this toxin, many men use CBD. Not only does this natural molecule promote a sex life, but it helps increase energy. In women, cannabidiol improves blood circulation as well as lubrication. You will never again feel the unpleasant and painful sensations during penetration. Thus, CBD oil is therefore recommended for women who are in menopause period.

Which CBD product to adopt to increase libido?

If you want to improve your libido and increase your sexual pleasure, there are different ways you can take CBD. Vaping, for example, directly provides a relaxation effect. It reduces anxieties and fear.

Cannabidiol can be taken sublingually. It is the most common mode of consumption. The absorption of the oil by the oral mucous membranes allows the molecule to reach the blood system directly. The effects appear 5 to 15 minutes after taking. In this case, you will have to buy CBD-based food supplements (capsules, herbal tea, paste, etc.) or simply CBD oil. This type of product increases libido and acts effectively on erectile disorders.

For immediate action, just apply lubricants or balms on the genitals. In no time at all, these products intensify the arousal and prevent pain during penetration. According to the testimonies, the lubricant would be very effective in increasing the pleasure and prolong orgasm.

In any case, whatever form of CBD you adopt, it fights against the various disorders that deteriorate your sex life. Cannabidiol acts on physical and mental disorders. However, professional advice is recommended and essential to get the most out of it.

Does taking CBD during sex cause any side effects?

Have no fear, CBD does not cause any serious side effects during your sexual intercourse. You will not feel any urge to sleep unlike the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) molecule. You will not have no feeling of being “stoned” and you will never be independent of this substance. CBD users know that you will only benefit from the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

However, cannabidiol is not for everyone. It is therefore important to always listen to your body when you take something from others. If you don’t feel good about yourself, don’t take it!

Common and recognized side effects of CBD are:

  • diarrhea and stomach pain
  • change in appetite (loss or increase)
  • drowsiness
  • feeling dizzy
  • exhaustion
  • tired

If these disturbances occur, they are still very moderate, but it depends entirely on the dose. If you are using cannabidiol for the first time, always start with low dosage. You can gradually increase the dose afterwards.

Relationship between CBD oil and testosterone production

Studies have indicated that continued use of products containing THC and CBD has the ability to inhibit the production of testosterone in the body. Indeed, these two substances directly or indirectly excite the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Moreover, constant and regular use causes a significant drop. All the symptoms associated with low testosterone occur.

However, it should be understood that the production of testosterone is also affected by lifestyle. For this kind of situation, CBD can become a real ally. This phenomenon will be directly fought indirectly. On the other hand, healthy people do not need cannabidiol to increase testosterone levels in the body.

To conclude, the sexual relation is a series of complex processes which involves the release of hormones, the nervous system, the muscles and sexual tissues. Partners experience an increase in blood pressure. However, stress and anxiety are the natural phenomena that block couples. Now that you know that CBD oil can cure your ejaculation problems, you can easily avoid this situation. In addition, it is very important to take charge in order to avoid loss of self-confidence and depression. Treating this disorder quickly will help keep you feeling confident. Even though official research is even less, preliminary studies seem to point towards a positive result regarding the influence of CBD on premature ejaculation in men.

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