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the CBD is a natural molecule that is gaining more and more popularity in recent years. This is due to the growing number of user testimonials about its potential benefits.
Some people even mention that CBD can be very helpful in fighting depression.
In this article, we take stock of the subject.

What do we mean by depression?

Depression is a pathology.

Depression is quite simply a psychiatric illness. It can frequently affect adults, but also children, regardless of gender. Depression affects the daily life of the patient, as well as that of those around him.
It is different from depression in the sense that it is not only a mood disorder and great sadness, but a real pathology.

Getting out of depression

Depression requires much more than the will of the patient to get out of it: care and support are necessary. The disease can present in different ways with different symptoms.

Symptoms of depression

Depression is everywhere

The symptoms of depression vary depending on the type of pathology encountered. One can cite in the first place the unipolar depression. It is frequently said to be one of the most serious forms of depression with symptoms that can prevent you from doing essential tasks like sleeping and eating.

Impact of depression on daily life

Activities which, in normal times, could offer sensations of pleasure are also impossible, or at least very difficult to perform. There is also dysthymia which is a mood disorder. The symptoms are similar to unipolar depression, except that they are a little milder. Finally, it is also possible to encounter other disorders which are not classified in any particular category.

What are the causes of depression?

A variety of causes which makes the diagnosis complicated

Depression can have multiple causes. According to specialists, an event can for example trigger the onset of the pathology, such as a separation, the loss of a loved one or any upheaval that will create deep sadness and worry. This is called psychic causes.
These same specialists believe that the patient’s physical condition can also be a factor of depression. This is particularly the case with omega 3 deficiencies, but especially vitamin D, which we often lack in winter. This deficiency also seems to trigger what is called “winter blues”. Finally, genetics also have a role to play in depression.

Science at work to better understand depression

According to new studies that still need to be investigated, one in two people have a “depression gene” passed down from our ancestors. This gene is not a direct cause, but some researchers believe it may be an aggravating factor in depression.
However, it is possible to overcome depression, even if you have this gene.

Cannabinoids and depression

It is certainly not easy to cure depression, to come out of this dark and deep disease. It is therefore important to remain vigilant to detect the first symptoms of depression and to start treating it as soon as it manifests itself, or even to act in prevention.
It seems easier to apply natural remedies for depression in its early stages than to treat deep depression that has set in for a few months or years.

Meditation to overcome depression

Relaxation, breathing exercises, and mediation are known to help people with anxiety gain distance and improve their quality of life despite depression.

Testimony of Yvonne, 33 years old, Painter

“Artists have always drawn on their painful experiences and the paradoxes of the human condition. I explore the polarity of our psychic states and my practice of Zen yoga allows me to reach an optimal state of serenity.
I don’t hide it, I smoked cannabis for a long time but for the sake of legality I decided to stop and turn to CBD flowers that I consume as an infusion. I also take CBD in oil. It’s very sweet! Nothing to do with the stunning effects of THC. It complements my Zen yoga practice wonderfully and helps me maintain my balance. I love !”

What exactly is CBD?

CBD is simply one of the molecules of the plant Cannabis Sativa L. When we think of this plant, we usually think of the psychoactive effects caused by its consumption.
However, you should know that these effects are actually due to the molecule of THC, i.e. tetrahydrocannabinol. the CBD Where cannabidiol, meanwhile, does not offer these euphoric sensations. It is however very relaxing, without making you addict.

How to use CBD oil?

CBD can be consumed in many different ways and in many forms. We know the CBD flower that can be consumed as an infusion, vaporization or even in a culinary preparation. Cannabidiol can also be found in the form sublingual oil, available in different strengths of CBD depending on individual needs.

Everything therefore suggests that CBD can have a positive impact against depression. More generally, CBD is often used to combat stress.


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