In this complicated time of covid, cold and bad weather, it is difficult to stay the course.


In this complicated time of covid, cold and bad weather, it is difficult to stay the course.

Good news, your new ally in this period of seasonal depression is indeed CBD can help you regain tone and pass this period more smoothly …

With Deli Hemp we tell you more to relieve winter depression

In the winter, many of you are in a bad mood and feel tired and depressed.

The low light and low temperatures that characterize the winter season influence our vitality and well-being.

The winter blues are certainly temporary but it can nevertheless prevent you from enjoying your daily life.

In order to fight the blues, some of us turn to drugs.

However, this is not the best solution, given that there may be a risk of side effects, unwanted effects or even addiction.

If you want to turn to gentler methods, we have the remedy for you: CBD. This molecule from the magic hemp plant helps you reduce the effects of winter depression such as mood disturbances or anxiety.

Deli Hemp explains how cannabinoids can help you get through a tough, easy time even when the weather is gloomy.

CBD and winter blues

It is first of all essential to emphasize that CBD does not cure winter depression but allows to soften the symptoms that make the winter season so difficult to bear.

Thus, CBD has shown its effectiveness on two symptoms linked to winter depression such as anxiety and sleep disorders.

Indeed, anxiety is correlated with a drop in serotonin levels.

However, several studies suggest that CBD could activate serotonin 5-HT1A receptors and therefore fight anxiety.

The authors of one of them, carried out by Spanish researchers in 2016, point out that cannabinoids have shown their effectiveness and speed of action in relieving depressive symptoms in rats.

Today there are also many studies that report improvements in sleep disorders after taking CBD.

In fact, scientists conducted a large-scale study in 2019 in which they found that the consumption of CBD before falling asleep will calm anxiety by promoting relaxation, helps to fall asleep.

In addition, the quality of sleep, especially in its various phases, seems to improve thanks to CBD.

Deli Hemp tells you more about how to consume CBD for winter depression relief.

In this period of winter depression, it is essential to combine the intake of CBD with the notion of pleasure for it to be more effective but also to improve daily well-being.

Everyone must therefore choose the form of CBD that best adapts to their consumption habits: whether it is E-liquid, CBD in vape or in flowers.

By choosing CBD, you make the process of passing this winter period more smoothly.

If your goal is to try to sleep better because you are anxious by nature, Deli Hemp sublingual oil will be there to relieve you in your daily life.

Full spectrum CBD oil is the fastest but also effective way to enjoy the calming effects of CBD.

Take a few drops of CBD oil before bed and you can finally sleep soundly.


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