How to use CBD oils?


There are many questions about CBD oils, how do you take them? Should I swallow it? Before or after the meal? How long does it take to take effect?

Today we decide to answer all your questions in this article.

What to know when taking CBD

CBD oil is not simply swallowed and ingested. It is actually recommended to hold the CBD oil under the tongue for about 90 seconds before swallowing the oil.

The intake of CBD oil is done through the sublingual routes.

Some consumers find the taste of hemp less pleasant, which is why at Deli Hemp you can choose between hemp taste or peppermint taste. Hemp oil with a special taste. If you want to swallow the oil directly, you can also do so, it will take about 30 minutes for the effects to occur.

Do I have to take CBD oil with meals?

It is obviously not essential to take the oil during meals. Even an empty stomach digests the substance without any problem.

However, the contents of the stomach are responsible for the time that elapses between ingestion and the onset of action. If your stomach is full, it takes a little longer than if your stomach is empty.

How long is there between ingestion and effect?

It can take between 15 and 30 minutes for the effects of CBD to be felt on the body.

Absorption through the oral mucosa occurs extremely quickly – if you hold the oil under the tongue for 1 to 2 minutes after ingestion, only a few moments should elapse before the first effects occur.

How to take CBD oil properly?

Note: Not all hemp oils are the same as CBD oil, and they differ significantly in absorption, effect, and more.

Hemp oil is generally the classic edible oil obtained from the hemp plant.

But this oil would also have health benefits thanks to its interesting fatty acid profile.

Hemp oil can be taken over a period of 2-3 weeks. For general improvement in health, as well as to strengthen the immune system, 1 tablespoon of hemp oil twice a day is the optimal dose. It is best to take hemp oil 15 to 30 minutes before a meal.

What products are recommended to take?

Classic Deli Hemp CBD Oil with a cannabidiol content of at least 5% and up to 60% offers many benefits when taken:

  • Its cost defies all competition
  • Available in good quality, from natural agriculture and 100% made in France.
  • Simple in dosage and ingestion

CBD oil dosage

Only you and you alone know your body. You can start with a smaller dosage and then increase the dosage if you feel the need. An example would be 3 drops every morning and evening for a 5% oil and for a 40% oil 1 drop. It is more convenient to take the oil by mouth. Simply put the drops under the tongue and swallow them after 1 to 2 minutes.

Take CBD as a remedy

It can also be useful to take a course of cannabidiol.

If, for example, you have very stressful days, CBD can be taken during this time to help you relax and promote sleep and relax you.

Its analgesic properties can also be used if you are suffering from a temporary illness.

If the remedy helps relieve stomach pain with the flu, you can take it for as long as the flu lasts.

The oil can also be taken during the menstrual period to relieve abdominal pain – here no high dose is needed.

Take cannabidiol as needed

You can take cannabidiol if you have an acute need. There have been reports of users with migraines taking CBD with seemingly imminent flare-ups. It can also be used intensively for other pains. So there is no need to take it permanently or even temporarily – you can only run it under the tongue when needed.

do not use during pregnancy

CBD oil is not recommended during pregnancy. It affects certain proteins that play a role in the proper functioning of the placenta.

It is conceivable that the placenta does not work well with CBD, which can lead to problems during pregnancy. So: pregnant women absolutely refrain from buying and taking cannabidiol.

Trust us in our advice when buying

Before spending money on something that doesn’t work, doesn’t work for you, or is too expensive, trust our recommendations and readers’ experiences and only use natural oils like those from DeliHemp!


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