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In recent years, cannabidiol has experienced tremendous success. For good reason, this legal cannabis extract is endowed with countless virtues. Safe, it improves the well-being of consumers. How to use CBD oil effectively? We tell you everything in this article.

How to take the CBD drops?

What exactly is CBD oil?

You will certainly have understood that CBD is a molecule derived from the cannabis plant. However, do not panic, this substance of the cannabinoid family is devoid of any addictive or psychoactive effect. It is therefore fully authorized on French territory. If the market for CBD continues to grow, it is quite simply because it represents a true natural remedy. Indeed, CBD is able to soothe an infinity of physical and psychological ailments. We even discovered benefits in the face of certain degenerative diseases. CBD exists in different forms. CBD oil is one of them. It has the advantage of being particularly practical to use. Some rules are still essential to respect to ensure the effectiveness of cannabidiol oil. We also have an article to learn all about CBD oil which you can check out here.

Should you swallow CBD oil?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes. CBD oil is only effective if it is ingested by the body. However, there are several ways to swallow it. The one that will allow you to achieve optimal and rapid effects is to let the CBD oil melt in your mouth. To do this, nothing difficult, just place a few drops under your tongue, and wait about 1 minute for them to dilute by themselves. In this way, the effects of CBD should be felt almost immediately, within 5 to 6 minutes of taking. You don’t like this method? It’s also possible to dilute CBD oil in a glass of water, or even add it directly to a dish, like salad dressing. The benefits of CBD will not be altered, but only a little longer to appear.

CBD oil: before or after a meal?

A question often comes up with novice consumers: should you take CBD before, during or after eating? First of all, rest assured, the benefits of CBD will be the same no matter what time of day you decide to consume it. The only important thing to know is that the effects of CBD appear faster if you are on an empty stomach. Outside of meals, it will generally take between 15 and 30 minutes to notice the action of cannabidiol on the body. During meals or near meals, this time will be longer. This is because the digestion process will tend to delay the action of CBD. It will then take between 1 and 3 hours to see the first effects of CBD oil.

What dosage for CBD oil?

Factors to take into account

There are no official recommendations for CBD dosage. The right dosage is above all the one that is effective! Each person must find a “cruising speed” that suits them, depending on different factors such as their gender, their weight, or their metabolism … For example, if you are a small and thin woman, it is a safe bet that your optimal CBD dosage will be lower than that of a man who is twice your weight … The ideal, however, is to start slowly and increase gradually. Tip: Depending on your situation, start with 10 to 40 mg per day. Then increase until you reach half your weight. See if the results are there. In any case, do not exceed the safe dose of 70 mg per day.

Calculate your CBD dosage

Good to know: a drop of 5% CBD oil corresponds to 1 mg, a drop of 10% CBD oil corresponds to 2 mg, a drop of 15% CBD oil corresponds to 3 mg, a drop of 20% CBD corresponds at 4 mg, a drop of 25% CBD oil corresponds to 5 mg, and so on … In addition, it is always better to divide your desired daily dose into several intakes. For example, if you have 10% CBD oil and want to take 10 mg per day, you could opt for 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening. Depending on the circumstances, CBD oil can be taken as a cure or on an ad hoc basis. Some people use it only when they need it (for example, under stress). Others use it daily (for example, in chronic pain).

Choosing a quality CBD oil

We cannot repeat it enough, beyond the dosage, the quality of the CBD oil is essential. Not all CBD oils are created equal. It is sometimes better to buy organic CBD a little more expensive, than a too cheap product which can be ineffective and dangerous … If you want to invest in premium CBD, do not hesitate to discover Authentique-CBD. There you will find a wide selection of premium CBD oils. Grown in Europe and certified organic, they contain no traces of pesticides or herbicides. In addition, all CBD Authentique-CBD products are subject to regular and rigorous laboratory controls. Thus, you are guaranteed to consume a CBD oil in the greatest respect for the French legislative rules in force.


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