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The CBD has the wind in its sails and its consumption has exploded in the world and in France in recent years. Consumers are fond of this naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp plant and are curious to discover its many uses.
To meet all expectations, cannabidiol comes in different forms. It can be found in the form of CBD flowers, in resin (hash), in CBD oil, in CBD e-liquid or in the form of CBD cosmetics.

Whatever mode of consumption you wish to use, it is important to store your CBD products so as to preserve the benefits of cannabinoids.

How to store CBD flowers?

The CBD flower, is a 100% legal weed with a THC level of less than 0.2%. It is neither more nor less a legal hemp flower, which does not cause the euphoric and psychotropic effects of a cannabis flower with THC. You find in CBD flowers all the cannabinoids naturally present in the hemp plant, but without the THC, which makes her perfectly legal in France.

The CBD flower is a natural product that should be stored properly so as not to damage it. By having the right storage reflexes, you will preserve the tastes, smells and effects of your favorite cannabis flower for several months!

CBD Flowers and Light

The first important thing to do when you want to store your CBD flowersis to find a place isolated from light. Indeed, light can have harmful effects on the quality of the flower, especially on cannabinoids and terpenes which tend to degrade and be less effective when exposed to too much light sources.

A cellar or a closed cupboard will do the trick and allow your CBD hemp flowers not to undergo degradation due to light.

What temperature for my CBD flowers?

In addition to light, the CBD flowers, whether they come from culture indoor, outdoor Where greenhouse, are temperature sensitive and will always prefer coolness to room temperature. Keep your legal cannabis flowers in a cool place and isolated from light will therefore ensure good conservation of cannabinoids. A cellar would be the ideal place. But watch out for humidity!

Do CBD flowers fear humidity?

That they are called Jack Herer, amnesia, mango kush, orange bud, og kush, strawberry or super lemon haze, do not forget that CBD flowers are dried cannabis flowers.

Like any dried natural product, they are therefore sensitive to humidity and can degrade if they are not stored in optimal conditions.

Below a certain humidity level (55%) the flowers will tend to dry out prematurely.

Conversely, the CBD flowers stored in a place that is too humid (+ 65%) will also tend to degrade very quickly due to mold. When the humidity level is poorly controlled, CBD flowers can see their shelf life go from a few months to a few weeks, or even a few days.

Use a suitable container to store cbd flowers

It is essential to store your flowers in suitable and airtight containers.

Today there are storage containers made of stainless steel specially designed to keep your weed. But the good old method of canning jar glass with a gasket is also very effective.

So remember that to keep all cannabinoids, to preserve the taste, to prevent mold and to keep a high quality CBD flower, you should store it in a closed jar, protected from light and heat, and avoid humid places.

How to store CBD resin?

The cbd resin, also called hash, hash Where hashish, is the result of the separation of cannabis plant trichomes. These trichomes retain most of the cannabinoids. The cbd resin is therefore a product very concentrated in cannabinoids but with a rate of THC less than 0.2%, which makes it totally legal in France.

To maintain all the effects of cannabinoids, especially cannabidiol present in the resin, it is important to store the latter in the right way.

CBD Resin and heat

As for the CBD flower, the heat is not the best friend of the cannabis resin. It should be preferred to a rather cool place to keep the shape but also to keep the effects of cannabinoids intact.

Can light alter CBD resin?

Light and UV rays are not welcome when it comes to preserving a natural material such as CBD flower or the CBD resin. Trichomes and cannabinoids degrade under the effect of light, which degrades the quality of your CBD product.

It is therefore preferable to keep your hash in a place protected from light (a cupboard or a cellar for example).

Can humidity cause mold on my hashish?

As you can imagine, the answer to this question is yes!

Moisture is the number one public enemy when it comes to flower preservation or CBD resin. Humidity can change the appearance of the product but also cause mold or mildew which would cause your cbd resin unusable.

As for your hemp flowers, it is therefore important to keep your hash cbd in a place protected from light, away from heat sources, and to control the humidity level so as not to cause mold and damage your product. When all of these conditions are met, you can keep your cbd resin for many months without any problems!

How to store CBD oil?

Cannabidiol hemp oil is one of the preferred modes of consumption of CBD lovers. Whether it is oil full spectrum or oil broad spectrum, the preservation methods are the same and you will see that it is not complicated to respect these small, simple gestures to keep a high quality CBD oil.

Store CBD oil in a dark place

Once again, it is not recommended that you keep your cannabidiol oil close to a light source. Although your CBD oil is contained in a glass vial that protects it from UV rays, it is best to keep your vial in a dark cupboard so that it does not get lost. the effects of cannabinoids present in your hemp oil.

Should we keep CBD oil cool after opening?

THE’CBD oil is not made to be stored at high temperatures, but placing it in the fridge is not necessarily ideal either. Under the effect of cold, your cbd oil could set (like olive oil for example).

The ideal is to place your cbd oil vial in a closed cupboard away from light and at a temperature of around 20 ° C.

As you will have understood, it is important to adopt simple actions to preserve your cbd oils as well as possible. We also advise you to adopt the right reflexes when it comes to choosing your cbd oil. For this, we recommend that you choose an organic cbd oil, from agriculture without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.
For more information on this subject, we recommend the great guide to CBD 2021.


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