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Steps to Brew Legal Cannabis Flowers

In order to prepare your infusion as well as possible, you will need: organic CBD flowers (two good spoons) boiling water a tablespoon of fat from other plants if you want to mix (mint, chamomile, etc.)

To guarantee premium quality, we advise you to choose CBD flowers from organic farming. We offer a wide range with multiple flavors, available on our e-shop.

Hot CBD herbal tea

Rather simple to achieve, here are some tips to apply to enjoy a cannabidiol infusion with confidence: Bring the water to a boil Add the fat to the water then insert the CBD flowers in a tea strainer or infuser Leave to infuse for 10 minutes (important, because it is the heat that allows all the actions of the CBD to be released).

All you have to do is enjoy your organic CBD flower infusion peacefully. Nothing better for a relaxing and comforting break! At Authentique-CBD, we offer you a range of loose infusions, already ready. Mixtures of flavors and plants to satisfy all your desires! Discover our Detox Relax, Calm Night, Relaxing Mint and Zen Red Fruits herbal teas.

Cannabidiol infusion like iced tea

For a thirst-quenching effect on hot summer days, it is quite possible to make your CBD infusion in iced tea mode! It could not be easier. Infuse your hemp flowers for 10 minutes as for a hot herbal tea. At the same time, fill a cup with ice cube. When the infusion is ready, pour it into the ice-cold cup and let stand for a few minutes.

There you go, your iced herbal tea is ready to be sipped! An original and tasty way to consume CBD! Be careful not to infuse cold, as heat is necessary to release all the properties of CBD.

How often should you take cannabidiol in the form of an infusion?

There is no contraindication to drinking CBD herbal teas throughout the day. You can consume up to 2-3 cups per day if this is your only way of using CBD. On the other hand, if you use cannabidiol in other forms (oils, vapes, joints…), we advise you to limit yourself to 1 cup.

Even though there is a very low risk of side effects, be sure to monitor your intake and dosage of CBD. In addition, it is important to know that the effects are rather slow to be felt unlike oil, for example. They can last up to 1 to 2 hours after drinking your infusion.


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