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CBD has been on the rise lately. Derived from the cannabis plant, it appeals to consumers thanks to its natural virtues. CBD oil is a popular method to consume this hemp extract. Find out how to choose the right one.

Where to buy CBD oil in France?

In specialized e-shops

Ordering CBD oil online is quick and easy. Many specialized online stores have sprung up, so you have a very wide choice! On the other hand, be careful when making your selection, not all oils are created equal. Indeed, you can come across dishonest resellers. Some do not hesitate to sell CBD oils of poor quality or that do not comply with French legislation. It is more than important to inform yourself well before making any purchase. To do this, be sure to check the traceability of the cannabidiol oil and the level of THC present. As a reminder, the THC rate authorized in France in the finished product must be 0.0%. Moreover, the opinions of other consumers can be a good indicator, as well as the price.

Buy cannabidiol oil in a coffee shop

In recent years, France has seen the flourishing of shops specializing in the sale of CBD products. Despite strong controversies regarding their opening, the number of these famous “coffee shops” continues to increase. You can therefore find a wide range of CBD products in these physical stores, including cannabidiol oil.

Can CBD oil be sold in pharmacies?

Despite what you might think, CBD is not sold in pharmacies. For good reason, it cannot be considered or prescribed as a therapeutic treatment. He is simply a well-being supplement, which improves the daily life of its consumers. Thus, you will not be able to get CBD oil from your pharmacist.

What are the best CBD oils?

Choosing a premium CBD oil

The most important thing in choosing a CBD oil is its quality. Indeed, some can cause harmful effects on health. This is why we recommend that you always check the traceability of the product, its origin and its composition. If this information is not clearly highlighted, it is often a sign of low quality oil. Another point that can be revealing: the price. While this is tempting, avoid buying discounted CBD oils. This means that the CBD extraction process or even the cultivation of hemp is not very qualitative. Prefer to increase your budget a little to choose organic cannabidiol oils. You will thus be guaranteed to benefit from premium quality. Find out more about what you need to know about CBD oil

Broad spectrum or Full spectrum?

There are several types of CBD oils: full spectrum oils (full spectrum), broad spectrum (broad spectrum) or in isolate. The difference is in the level of THC present. In full spectrum, the oil will contain THC in addition to other cannabinoids. These oils are therefore not authorized in France because the level of THC in the finished product is greater than 0.0%. On the contrary, in broad spectrum, it will be free of all traces of THC and therefore perfectly legal in France. In isolate, CBD is pure, which slightly lessens the feelings. To consume your CBD oil with confidence, we advise you to choose a broad spectrum cannabidiol oil. It allows you to benefit from the entourage effect, without including THC.

Authentic CBD Oil-CBD

Buying your CBD oil at Authentique-CBD is the guarantee of benefiting from a organic oil, 100% legal, THC free. For this, we have selected the best CBD oils, from a certified organic hemp production. Thus, all our oils come from a farm located in Switzerland, which undertakes not to use pesticides or herbicides. To meet a high level of requirement and premium quality, they are regularly tested in the laboratory. In addition, you have the choice between different concentrations of CBD according to your needs: 5%, 15%, 25%.


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