How to become a producer of CBD in France in 2021?


Is it possible to become a cannabidiol producer in France for 2021?

The CBD market is booming. Hundreds of new customers are discovering the miraculous benefits of this natural substance every day on the European continent. In France, at the start of 2021, France has between 400 and 500 CBD shop according to the Trade Union of Hemp. The question of cultivating CBD then arouses growing interest. How to become a cannabidiol farmer? And what are the conditions for positioning yourself in this promising new market?

The CBD market: a promising sector

During the first semester of the year 2021, a new decree authorizes French farmers to harvest and cultivate hemp flowers, but under certain conditions. According to the Cap Chanvre group, the legal obstacle concerning the legalization of the production of cannabis flowers should be lifted next spring.

France is preparing a decree that will allow the cultivation of the flower in 2021 “ says this company. As a reminder, Cap Chanvre is a group that brings together several players working in cannabis.

Despite the current situation, the number of stores selling cannabidiol products has doubled in just two years, according to the industry trade union. This area of ​​activity is estimated between 150 to 200 million euros, but should cross the bar of € 1 billion by 2023, according to industry professionals. Therefore, this field presents countless opportunities.

Growing CBD in France 2021: what the law says

Parliamentarians published in February 2021 a report on the relaxation of the rules imposed on the sector. Their requests speak in particular of:

  • The authorization of the cultivation, import, export and use of the entire hemp plant for commercial and industrial purposes.
  • The abolition of the threshold of 0% THC in finished products. But, the establishment of another threshold between 0.6 to 1% THC for hemp crops in the ultra-marine territories. These parts of the globe enjoy the best warmer climatic conditions. This promotes the growth of THC in plants.

As for the French regulations, it is both complex and contrary to European law according to the Court of Justice of the European Union in November 2020.

To date, hemp producers on 20,000 hectares in France harvest only the stems and seeds. And the CBD sold in French shops is imported from abroad. Moreover, the hemp seeds and fibers must contain less than 0.2% THC in order to be marketed. And finally, the finished products must be completely devoid of this psychotropic molecule.

Choose the right location

To successfully cultivate CBD flowers, it is best to plant hemp in a sunny place. This plant loves heat and light. So the best time to sow the seeds is in the spring. If you want healthy plants, prepare the ground well by removing weeds and gravel, if it has any.

Prepare the land

Place the seeds in well-warmed soil with the temperature does not drop below 15 ° C Day and night. If needed, you can add quality compost to the soil. Then, aerate using a grelinette. Finally, flatten the whole thing using a rake. In this way, you will have a very healthy soil.

Sowing the hemp seeds

To sow the seeds, you have the choice of on-the-fly or in-line. But, don’t forget to cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. And water in fine rain. You have to be patient until the seedlings appear on the surface. Only then can you thin them to 20 cm. Unlike succulents, hemp plants require a regular and generous watering throughout the cultivation period.

Techniques to become a CBD producer

Before becoming a CBD producer properly speaking, there are certain rules that you need to understand.

Respect the legal THC rate

If you want to grow CBD hemp in France, you will need to select the authorized varieties. The official list is entered in article 2 of the decree of August 22, 1990 and in application of article R.5132-86 of the Public Health Code for cannabis and hemp. This way you can be sure that you are not planting a variety of hemp with a THC level greater than 0.2%

Adopting the right hemp cultivation methods

To grow cannabis sativa L, there are three main techniques. These are Outdoor culture, Indoor culture and Greenhouse culture.

As the name suggests, the Outdoor culture involves planting the hemp seeds outdoors. In this way, plants can take advantage of a natural environment and grow rapidly. The only downside to this method is that bad weather and pests can destroy the crop. So be very careful if you choose this cultivation mode.

On the other hand, the Indoor and Greenhouse methods avoid the above mentioned problem. For the first, the hemp plants are placed in a large shed while in the second, they grow in greenhouses. This type of environment is easy to control to optimize your yields. In addition, you get a better quality of CBD which sells for high prices.

Follow the official procedures to obtain authorization to produce

Last very important thing before officially becoming a CBD producer. It is necessary be in accordance with the law. When buying your hemp seeds, only go to verified and approved organizations such as the Central Cooperative of Hemp Seed Producers (CCPSC)

Do not forget to declare the geographic positioning of your plantation to avoid confusion with the State. Likewise, reveal your plantation field to the National Federation of Hemp Producers (Interchanvre) as well as to the gendarmerie.

By doing all of the legwork in advance, you’ll be ready to provide the necessary evidence in the event of a check on the THC content of your crop.

Several companies around the world are getting into cannabis cultivation. And there are also some that have started production in recent years. But, if you want to become official CBD wholesaler, you have to follow certain requirements.

You have to fill out a lot of applications and this involves high fees. Despite this expensive investment, production still remains high. In the end, you will have a profitable cultivation in just 8 weeks.

Initial capital to start producing CBD

To produce cannabis, it is recommended to have a initial capital of € 200,000. However, this price does not include the cost of obtaining a license to plant hemp, renting rooms, employee wages, and transportation. In most cases, other financing options are possible: appeal to investors and / or private capital.

Know the laws in force in the country

Don’t forget to check the legal parameters from your country. In some cases, the background of the contractor and the employees needs to be assessed deeply. Of course, those with a criminal record will never be able to get permission to grow cannabis.

Develop the business plan

To pursue a business plan, it is necessary to take into account several aspects. Obtaining a license is a very important thing before starting to plant the first plantings. There are several documents to be submitted to support the production, cultivation and sale of the products.

Evaluate the different types of license

In addition, you must also define the type of crop to develop. The installation characteristics change depending on this criterion. Moreover, all future cannabis producers must have the maximum of knowledge about the production process of hemp plants. Otherwise, seek professional advice.

Generally, licenses granted for planting cannabis aim to:

  • production of derivative products
  • psychoactive culture
  • non-psychoactive cannabis
  • seed production

To conclude, even if the legislative requirements to become a hemp farmer are still rigorous, this production is nevertheless legal. Several CBD producers therefore decide to specialize in this area in France. However, weed flowers and CBD oils are imported from foreign companies, as the cultivation of cannabis Sativa L remains largely for industrial purposes. Now that you are aware of all the information regarding the question: how to become a cannabidiol farmer? Enter this promising market.


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