How much CBD should I consume?


Are you still a beginner in CBD and you are not sure how to choose how much CBD to take or which% to choose?

Deli Hemp takes you step by step on how to dose CBD correctly.

Where do you start to properly dose CBD?

The amount of CBD to take depends on many factors, but first of all you have to take two basic principles into account. Choose a reliable brand. The first thing to consider is choosing a quality CBD brand. It is essential to know exactly what you are consuming and that the announced concentration really corresponds to that included in the bottle.

By choosing a quality brand like Deli Hemp, you are choosing products from natural agriculture, containing no unwanted additives or chemicals.

Start small.

When you are new to CBD, we always advise at Deli Hemp to choose a lower strength and dosage and gradually increase. The key role of CBD is its ability to work in harmony with the body, supporting this vitally important state of balance.

What factors affect the dosage of CBD?

Now that the basics have been covered, Deli Hemp gives you a more precise idea of ​​how much CBD to consume. Weight and height The dosage of CBD chosen will depend on your weight but also on your height. The heavier your weight, the more you will need to consume in order to feel the effects of the compound. CBD is a molecule that will interact with a network of receptors (the endocannabinoid system) that extends throughout the body. But in order to interact, the compound must first travel through the body. It is believed that the frequency and efficiency with which CBD is absorbed and then metabolized by the body changes depending on the weight of individuals. There are other factors to take into account as well, but as a general rule, roughly speaking, the higher your height and weight, the higher your dose will be too. Age In order for our bodies to use CBD, or any cannabinoid, we first need to break it down into usable chunks. Our metabolism plays a crucial role in this process, it helps break down the CBD into smaller pieces that can more easily travel through our body. Although there are many reasons our bodies slow down, age is still a significant factor. The older your age, the longer you are going to have to wait to feel the effects of CBD, so be sure to give your body the time it needs. Conversely, the younger you are the faster your metabolism will be, so you may need to consume CBD more often to experience these benefits.

If you are new to CBD, we recommend that you start with a lower dosage and consume it once or twice a day. Even though the side effects are practically naked, everyone reacts to the cannabinoid differently, so it’s important to adjust your dosage yourself and observe how you feel before you dive headfirst into a vial of oil. CBD 3000 mg or 4000 mg for example. However, the same rules apply, even if you are used to CBD.

Always start slowly, gradually working your way up to your desired dose.

Even with something as simple as switching from capsules to a powdered isolate, the impact of CBD on your well-being may change greatly. Take your time.

Choosing the best CBD product.

Choosing the right CBD product is also about choosing the product that suits you the most. CBD oil.

Deli Hemp brings you CBD oils under a bunch of concentration and carrier oils. Some people will prefer an oil with a hemp flavor and others a mint flavored oil, again depending on individual tastes. As for the effects of CBD oil, it will depend on how you consume it. Taking sublingual CBD oil has to test your digestive system before it can flow through your body. You will have to wait about 20 minutes before the effects are felt, but they will last longer (3h-9h). Unlike consuming CBD oil in a drink, the effects will kick in much sooner, but they won’t last as long.

What concentration of CBD is right for you?

When we talk about the level of CBD concentration, we are referring to the amount of milligrams of CBD that a given product contains. If we take CBD oil 500 mg (10 ml) as an example, it contains 2.5 mg per drop, while our 1000 mg oil contains 5 mg. As the milligrammage of CBD increases, so does its potency. If you imagine a daily dose of 3–4 drops, three times a day, this equates to almost 30 mg of CBD (with 500 mg CBD oil). If we were to give you an idea of ​​the limitations, 160 mg is considered to be the maximum recommended daily dose. The high tolerance for CBD is why we recommend starting with a 500 mg CBD oil, as it represents a certain balance between the strongest and the lowest concentrations. Even with 4 drops, three times a day, you will only consume 30 mg of CBD. But do not underestimate this compound, in some cases it will be enough. It is important to stress the fact that individual situations and therefore their dosage will vary.

Deli Hemp advises you to take the CBD as a cure and give yourself over several days with a regular dosage to observe how you feel and finally increase or decrease your dose according to how you feel. To help you calculate how much (mg) of CBD you should be consuming.

You can use the following guide: Drops • CBD oil 500 mg: 2.5 mg CBD per drop • CBD oil 1000 mg: 5 mg CBD per drop • CBD oil 1500 mg: 7.5 mg CBD per drop • 2000 mg CBD oil: 10 mg CBD per drop.

How and how often should you use CBD?

If you are new to CBD, Deli Hemp advises to divide the recommended dose in half and increase it bit by bit as the days go by. Observe your body and its response to CBD, once you have taken the time to see which dosage is best for you in order to increase or decrease the dosage. Again the same guidelines apply even if you are used to CBD. If tomorrow you change your concentration, don’t forget to refer to the guide above.

As for how many times per day you should consume your CBD, it all depends on the reasons for using it in the first place and how easy it is for you to consume it. If you are consuming CBD for the overall benefit of your well-being, we recommend that you divide the daily dose into three servings. This approach will provide you with a constant supply of CBD. However, there might be situations where the impact of CBD is needed quickly.

In these cases, a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue, as soon as the need arises, could give you the necessary support. Whatever your choice, experiment with both dosage and timing to find a program that will not only be easy to stick with, but will also provide you with maximum benefits.


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