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One can quickly get lost among terms relating to cannabis. If we often associate cannabis and drugs, the reality is very different! Indeed, cannabis is in fact just a large family of different plants originating in Asia. Astonishing then for a family since it contains onlya single species of plant, hemp (also called Cannabis sativa L.), sometimes divided into several subspecies (sativa, indica and ruderalis).

It is when we look at these plants in more detail by focusing more on the molecules that compose them that we enter the subject of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). Hemp contains over a hundred cannabinoids (chemicals that will stimulate receptors already present in our body) including THC and CBD. Not all varieties within hemp subspecies contain the same cannabinoids at the same percentages, which is why consuming some plants is legal while others are not.

In the collective unconscious, we make a shortcut between cannabis and THC, the psychoactive molecule in cannabis that gives psychotropic effects. Only in France, any product with a content of more than 0.2% THC is strictly prohibited.

CBD on the other hand is the compound that provides therapeutic benefits, without a noticeable psychoactive effect, it does not cause a psychotropic effect. Its use is legal in France but its cultivation is however extremely regulated: the extraction of CBD from hemp flowers is prohibited in France for the moment. The only alternatives are to opt for the extraction in another way (from the seeds or the stem, or else from another plant) or to drop the natural CBD and opt for the synthetic CBD ( which has the same benefits as natural CBD).

A multi-tasking and ecological ally

It is called earth algae because hemp grows on its own and has a incredible property field which range from medical to well-being, including stationery or even construction!

A multifunctional plant

Hemp is a plant multifunction which can be used in many areas. Its rod in particular can be used for the creation of textiles, insulation, animal bedding, the creation of paper, packaging, … and much more.

Hemp seeds allow the production ofhemp oil, very rich in essential fatty acids, proteins and vitamin E which gives it very good moisturizing, soothing and protective properties. There are also anti-bacterial molecules in the composition of hemp oils so they are very good for purifying the skin. This oil is therefore perfectly suited for use in cosmetics, both for the skin and for hair care.

It can also be found in the form of essential oil, to be applied in massage (always after dilution!) Or quite simply in a diffuser to enjoy its relaxing benefits.

the CBD is known for his medical use, the substance having many benefits in particular for combating anxiety. CBD would also have positive effects to fight against fibromyalgia, inflammation and pain or rheumatoid osteoarthritis.
It also has excellent antioxidant properties and has effects similar to collagen or hyaluronic acid that can generally be found in cosmetic products to slow down aging of the skin.

An easily organic culture

We previously mentioned that one of the possible uses for hemp was in textiles (an unexpected use by the general public). Note that it takes nearly 13 times less water to make a hemp t-shirt than to produce a cotton t-shirt (350 liters for hemp against 4500 liters for cotton)!

In terms of cultivation, non-organic cotton represents 25% of all pesticides used worldwide. Hemp, him? Its culture is so easy and extremely fast thatno pesticides are needed (it defends itself naturally against pests and its shade will be able to kill weeds). In addition, the plant will renew the soil with its roots, which allows to put little fertilizer and very little water to cultivate it, which makes it very easy to grow. organic cultivation.

In terms of ecological impact, it is also interesting to note that a hectare of hemp absorbs 4 times more CO2 than a hectare of forest.

Hemp makes its entry into the cosmetics department

In recent years, it has been clear that hemp is a plant that is increasingly highlighted for its many virtues. Its seed in particular makes it possible to produce an oil which has many virtues for skin care. It is then possible to obtain products of entirely vegetable composition.

Combination of hemp oil and CBD for maximum benefits

Hemp oil is an ally of choice in cosmetics thanks to its content of essential fatty acids, proteins and vitamin E. Thus, hemp oil is moisturizing and soothing.

The soothing virtues are found in vegetable oil thanks to the essential fatty acids (which our body does not create), while the antioxidant virtues are found either in the vitamin E present naturally in the oil or in the fatty acids or in cannabinoids such as CBD, an excellent antioxidant that will be able to soothe the irritations of your skin.

CBD combined with hemp oil can be used directly as a serum or in combination with a day cream, for example. It can also be used around the eyes.

Perfect for all skin types!

The advice for problem skin is above all to wash well, moisturize well but above all not to wash with a stripper. Products that are too irritating are the enemies of problem skin and hemp-based cosmetics are generally very soft (associated with aloe vera, you have a great team!).

It is also necessary to promote hydration without obstruction of the pores, which coconut oil does not allow for example. Hemp oil having the same lipid profile as sebum helps not to clog the pores. This will also allow hemp oil based creams to adapt to all skin types, oily and dry, regardless of age!

Without risk of side effects

No worries about unwanted effects:

  • there is no risk concerning the return or creation of any addiction, which comes only from THC, not present in cosmetics based on hemp or containing CBD;
  • there is no psychotropic effect (only linked to THC also);
  • the smell is nothing like smoked cannabis since the fragrances are often rearranged to remove molecules with an unpleasant odor.

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