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Make a difference: cannabis, THC, CBD or hemp?

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are cannabinoids present in different amounts depending on the selected hemp subspecies (cannabis sativa, indica or ruderalis). It is for this reason that the consumption of certain subspecies of hemp is illegal while others do not pose any problem for French regulations.

In France, any product with a content of more than 0.2% THC is strictly prohibited. The product that is usually called “cannabis” is concentrated to more than 0.2% THC, it is a drug with powerful psychotropic effects and its consumption is completely illegal.

This is not the case for CBD which has neither significant psychoactive effect nor dependency effect. It provides, among other things, only therapeutic benefits when consumed. Its use is perfectly legal in France and its cultivation is very regulated.

Period pain and endometriosis: women are running out of ideas

If medicine has been able to prove to be of great help in this area, many women nevertheless find themselves helpless in the face of the ineffectiveness of conventional medicine and drugs concerning their periods. These pains are such that they sometimes lead to skipping school or not going to work as they have an impact on the state of women’s health.

It is not uncommon to cross paths with a woman who will tell you that a certain medicine does not work against her period pain, that despite her numerous tests, she still has not found the right molecule to alleviate her menstrual pain.

The case is even more complex in women with endometriosis. This chronic disease has no treatment today, often forcing the women concerned to undergo surgery several times while very regularly ingesting strong painkillers to alleviate the problems.unbearable and very disabling pain.

These drugs are potent and have strong side effects : we are very far from the hot water bottle to be placed on the lower abdomen to soothe the pain. Beyond that, they are sometimes not even effective enough, leading women to a kind of medical wandering to find the best solution that will improve their daily life. They have often tested everything, to no avail.

CBD: an effective and natural remedy?

CBD has fabulous health benefits. Could it be possible that CBD could serve as an anti-inflammatory and alleviate pain in cases of painful periods or endometriosis?

What the research says

Although there is no precise study to date on the subject of these pains and CBD, the anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects have been studied in patients with chronic pain and on whom conventional treatments did not work. It is therefore encouraging to think that CBD might work specifically for painful periods and endometriosis.

Some research is starting to look into the question and would also raise an interesting fact: in addition to relieving symptoms, CBD would fight the very cause of the pain.

Using CBD: what does it look like in practice?

As this is not a medication to be taken with great caution like the strong painkillers usually prescribed, anyone can try the effect of CBD on it to realize the effects that the molecule can have on it.

The absorption methods are very diverse (a few drops sublingually, massage with the oil, patch, paste, cooking flowers, vapote, etc.) and you can choose the one that suits you best.
Be careful though! Doctors warn about putting CBD oil on your tampons directly: it could have a bad effect on your vaginal flora, don’t do this without your doctor’s advice.

While some see the effects immediately, others ultimately see no change in anxiety for their period cramps. CBD oil, for example, fully regulated Simona’s menstrual cycle while it had no immediate effect on Amerley. Kim, who only experiences painful periods occasionally, has seen improvement while vaping CBD.

You will understand, if you are a woman who recognizes yourself in this obstacle course to find the remedy that will alleviate your pain, you could give CBD a chance. However, it is not effective for everyone: as for the rest, each woman has her own pain management and her own way of assimilating CBD. We will therefore have to wait for further studies to identify real CBD treatments (type of assimilation, frequency, quantity, etc.) as well as to better analyze the source of menstrual pain.

One thing is for sure though, you don’t risk giving it a chance. You can then always benefit from its other recognized virtues (relaxation for example).


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