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CBD and its soothing properties

How does hemp fight skin diseases?

The cannabinoids are recognized for their soothing action and the relief of inflammatory pain. They allow you to act in depth to purify and regulate your body.
Recently, the scientific community has noticed beneficial effects on people with eczema or psoriasis. Indeed, the hemp would have the property of directly blocking interleukins, the cause of psoriasis plaques.
Regular consumption could thus prevent the appearance of these plaques and relieve skin diseases.

Cannabidiol relieves very dry skin with its strong hydration power

Thanks to its soothing active ingredients, the CBD is highly regarded by consumers with problems with skin dryness or extreme irritation. Enriched with vitamin A and vitamin E, it deeply hydrates and avoids the effects of tightness to leave a revitalized skin. Its nourishing virtues quickly prevent and calm all your dry patches problems. You will then find soft, supple, firm and perfectly hydrated skin.

Testimonial from a consumer of CBD oil for external use

Marie, 33, teacher

“At 33, I regularly have eczema attacks. Often linked to a state of stress, I tried several treatments, natural or medicinal. They acted for a short time, but not for the long term. So I decided to deal with this root problem, by giving CBD a try. I apply a few drops ofCBD oil organic on my plates, morning and evening. I see a clear improvement! My skin is much less dry, it doesn’t itch anymore and the appearance of plaques has diminished! A really effective alternative! “

CBD, a powerful anti-inflammatory

Cannabidiol regulates sebum

CBD helps rebalance epidermal failures. Indeed, the cannabinoids contained in this molecule regulate the production of cells secreting sebum (in excess or in lack). This is why it can be particularly effective for oily, dry or acne-prone skin.
His anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties limit the multiplication of bacteria causing acne and blackheads and help tighten pores. Thanks to benefits of CBD, your skin will regain all its radiance and will be clearer. Its action is also involved in the reconstruction of the epidermis and therefore the elimination of scars.
It has no adverse effects on health, which makes it a very promising natural alternative.

CBD protects the skin

An increasingly recognized anti-inflammatory, hemp helps prevent skin inflammation and helps relieve daily aggressions. Regular use of CBD cosmetics or natural oil could thus improve the condition of your skin.
Devoid of toxins and rich in fatty acids, it helps provide better hydration to your skin and fight against the proliferation of bacteria. It would also help protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and other pollutants.


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