Documentaries, newspaper articles or rumors, you must have heard of CBD before.


Documentaries, newspaper articles or rumors, you must have heard of CBD before.

Additionally, you may have heard that CBD is a derivative of hemp and can treat many ailments without getting high. As you must have heard the opposite too, right? Next, we’ll demystify 7 common misconceptions about CBD for you. Let’s go!

Deli Hemp helps you get a clearer picture of CBD misconceptions

#CBD gets high

There are many prejudices about CBD, one of the first prejudices that we often find is this one! No, CBD doesn’t get high.

THC and CBD come from cannabis, the Latin name for cannabis. Its molecular composition is similar but different enough not to produce the same effects.

In our body’s central nervous system, there is a group of receptors called the endocannabinoid system, which researchers say these receptors control our appetite, mood, pain, memory, and other important functions.

Within the endocannabinoid system are several different receptors, one of which is the CB1 receptor.

When the CB1 receptor comes into contact with THC, it induces the psychoactive effects associated with the “high effect”.

When the CB1 receptor comes in contact with CBD, it not only causes psychoactive effects, but also prevents THC from interacting with the CB1 receptor. This allows CBD to prevent some of the negative effects caused by THC, such as anxiety and memory loss.

#CBD can make you addicted

False! CBD cannot make you addicted, quite the contrary! CBD can actually block the addictive effects of painkillers like morphine, reducing the feeling of reward.

#CBD is not legal

Again, a new misconception about CBD. CBD is completely legal and has been since November 19.

Cannabidiol is regulated both by dated texts on cannabis and by European legislation with holes.

The French authorities have ruled that CBD is legal as long as the products meet a THC level of less than 0.2%.

#CBD is only for adults

A completely unfounded new belief, CBD is not used for purposes similar to marijuana, which in this case is quite normal to keep children away from it.

However, CBD has nothing to do with THC and the fact that CBD is dangerous for children has never been proven.

Conversely, doctors are increasingly encouraging use for medicinal purposes in children, especially those with epilepsy or other OCDs.

#CBD hasn’t worked on me and doesn’t work

Many people have tried CBD and haven’t felt the effects they were looking for, either because they expected a THC-like effect, or because they were misguided, or because CBD did not actually work on them.

There can be many reasons why CBD hasn’t worked for you. For example

  • You took a very small amount of it, and once the CBD got through your body’s digestive tract, there wasn’t enough CBD left to be effective.
  • Your condition required a higher amount of CBD than you had taken, so the impact was not enough for you to notice a difference
  • You bought a low-quality product that contained little CBD, synthetic CBD, or contaminants
  • You assumed CBD was like THC and you thought it would get you high …

#All CBD products are the same

Not all CBD products are the same and especially not give yourself the same effects.

If you’ve used CBD before, you might not get the same results with any other CBD product.

An oil, a flowers or for example distillate will not give you the same effect.

Another important point is also the quality of the CBD products.As CBD it has to be cultivated, produced, extracted and transformed into a final product with very high standards.

As with any product in any industry, a manufacturer of CBD products may want to work faster, which would result in an inferior product.

If you’ve ever tried a poor quality CBD product, don’t despair, The Deli Hemp Team is there to help and advise you.

#CBD allows miracle cures

CBD is not a miracle cure, it does not cure, it provides relief.

It can help you in the relief of pain, inflammation or anxiety, epilepsy or as part of cancer treatments.


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