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Are you sure you are storing your cannabis properly?

Without the guarantee of a good conservation your stock of CBD flowers could dry out and lose all their benefits. Deli Hemp therefore offers you Boveda technology to keep your weed as fresh as possible.

Over time, the benefits of the flowers fade but also the terpenes and terpenoids that contain the aromas as well as the flavors of your CBD flowers. When the grass loses moisture, it also loses quality behind.

Among the different techniques to revitalize the quality of your flowers, we find the technique with orange peels or lemon. A technique that involves storing your cannabis in an airtight glass jar with citrus peels. But this technique remains to be seen … Particularly because of the risk of mold if you leave it too long …

In order to maintain the freshness of your CBD flower, Deli Hemp recommends the Boveda solution, a new way to maintain the storage of the herb.

What’s so special about Boveda?

By choosing Boveda, Deli Hemp has finally found the special solution to always keep your flowers without losing quality. An air gap is important to maintain maximum freshness, but humidity is also important. There must be a certain amount of moisture depending on the specific product you are storing. The great secret formula at the heart of Boveda’s revolutionary product is… salt. Salt affects the humidity of an environment in such a way that it can be precisely measured by scientists.

By taking the care to insert a Boveda sachet in each of our boxes, your CBD flowers will store better in a hermetically sealed container with a relative humidity of around 54-63%. The Boveda pack is the guarantee of an optimal level of moisture retention for your cannabis flowers. You will immediately notice the difference in the way they burn and in their taste, as well as in their effects. Maximum freshness and quality Bodeva sachets are strong enough to retain water without leaks.

Choosing Deli Hemp and 100% secure storage with Bodeva sachets means choosing quality.

The relative humidity of a pack will not be suitable for storing a product for which it is not intended and could even make matters worse. And don’t forget that you need to have as airtight a storage method as possible, as offered at Deli Hemp.


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