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Cannabidiol seduces for its incredible physical and psychological virtues. However, there are a few rare situations in which the consumption of CBD is prohibited. Is taking a contraceptive pill one of them? We tell you everything in this article.

CBD, this natural remedy that changes the lives of consumers …

CBD benefits in the spotlight

Admittedly, the CBD market continues to gain ground in Western countries. More than ever, the French are turning to this legal extract of the cannabis plant. Guaranteed without psychoactive effect, this molecule from the cannabinoid family is an essential natural remedy. Known since the dawn of time for its thousand and one virtues, CBD is capable ofquickly appease and effectively many everyday ailments. This is the case, for example, of CBD infusions, very popular with women. It is also an interesting alternative to relieve the symptoms of chronic or degenerative diseases. While scientific studies of CBD are still in their infancy, consumer satisfaction is undeniable. According to statistics, almost 80% of people who consume CBD say they see real positive effects on their health.

Some rare contraindications to know

However, like any chemical or natural substance, CBD has a few contraindications. Although these are few in number, it is important to take them into account. Among them are some potential drug interactions. Rightly so, the question is on everyone’s lips, and especially among women: is it safe to consume CBD while taking a contraceptive pill? The answer is nuanced. However, we will try to bring you some food for thought in this article …
Reminder: in case of any doubt concerning your situation, it is always preferable to seek the advice of a health professional. He alone will be able to provide you with a personalized response according to the specifics of your case.

CBD and contraceptive pill: yes, we must remain vigilant!

All about the contraceptive pill

Contraceptive pill: how does it work?

Despite its frequent and criticized side effects, the contraceptive pill remains the most widely used female contraceptive method in France. It consists of the daily intake of a tablet, the objective of which is to prevent a possible pregnancy, through a hormonal action. Specifically, the birth control pill contains synthetic hormones. These then send signals to the ovaries that prevent them from producing an egg, and therefore avoid any possible fertilization, despite daily intercourse. No pill is 100% reliable. However, the efficiency is still very optimal, since it is estimated to be around 99.7%. Be careful though, because it only takes one oversight in the month to lead to 7 days of risk taking.

The different types of birth control pills

Did you know ? There are two main categories of birth control pills in the pharmaceutical market: progestin-only pills (PP) and combination pills (PC). While they are both equally effective, their differences lie in their makeup. This is because progestin-only pills contain only synthetic hormones derived from progesterone, called progestins. Combination pills, on the other hand, also contain a progestin, but always combined with synthetic estrogen.

How can CBD impact the birth control pill?

To be effective, the synthetic hormones in the contraceptive pill must necessarily be metabolized by the cytochrome P-450 enzyme system located in the liver. In medical jargon, this is more commonly referred to as the “CYP enzyme system”. Gold, hemp therapy modifies the functioning of this system. Therefore, its high dose consumption could potentially impact the assimilation of the hormones of the contraceptive pill, and thus reduce its effectiveness. Note that research on this subject is still very vague. It is therefore impossible to give an entirely reliable answer. It is simply a question of applying the precautionary principle, by considering that one should be wary of the consumption of CBD under pill.

Buying CBD: some recommendations

Choose quality CBD

As you will have understood, taking the risk of consuming CBD on a pill is above all a personal choice. This must imperatively be done in an informed manner, and preferably within the framework of medical monitoring. Here is some additional advice … In all circumstances, it is better to opt for Premium CBD. There are many, many CBD products out there, but not all are of the same quality. It is sometimes better to budget a little higher, but to benefit from an effective and safe product. If you are looking for a trusted CBD store, do not hesitate to discover Authentic-CBD. In this e-commerce, you will find organic CBD cultivated in Europe, meticulously controlled in the laboratory, and always in the greatest respect for the rules in force.

Adapt the CBD dosage

Without a doubt, the potential risks of consuming CBD vary with dose. The higher the CBD dosage, the greater the risks. If you want to take CBD as a contraceptive pill, then it is better to have a light hand! Likewise, it is very important to always leave an interval of at least 2 hours between taking cannabidiol and taking a hormonal contraceptive. This recommendation also applies to taking many other drugs.

Lower risks with PP

Good to know: According to some recent research, CBD is more likely to interfere with pills that use an estrogen-like hormone. The risk would therefore be higher with the so-called combined pills (PC) than with the so-called progestogen pills (PP). If you want to consume CBD on a pill, then it would be better to choose a progestin-only pill. Be careful though, this information should be taken with a grain of salt, and there is no such thing as zero risk. In addition, a change of pill must be done under medical advice.


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