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THC AND CBD, inseparable companions

French law regarding CBD is still rather vague. However, one thing is certain: the level of THC in hemp should not exceed 0.2%.

And this is where the problems start. Indeed, the levels of THC and CBD are intimately linked. To put it simply, the higher the CBD level, the higher the THC level will be, well beyond the authorized standard.

But then, how do some retailers display CBD rate so high? This is the question we will try to answer.

Hemp flowers and 20% CBD, is it really possible?

Offer infusions of hemp flowers by promising a high rate of CBD, while remaining legal, that does not exist. Salespeople who try to make you believe are lying to you.

It is indeed very easy to modify the figures and for this, several techniques are used.

False advertising

The easiest method, of course, is to make false claims. If the buyer is not suspicious enough, he can be tempted and buy hemp flowers supposedly high in CBD, when they are not.

Spray the hemp flowers with an isolate

Second technique: artificially increase the CBD.

You can actually get a higher rate by adding a CBD isolate.

The isolate is a pure form of CBD. There is no trace of THC in it. Thus, by mixing it in ethanol and spraying it on the plants, we raise the CBD, which will stand out during the analyzes, while keeping a THC level below the legal threshold.

Sometimes the hemp flower will be resold with this mixture, but most of the time, to avoid unnecessary costs, this operation will be carried out only for analyzes in order to be able to display it in store.

But ultimately the consumer will automatically lose.

Lower the THC level in hemp flowers

In France, only a few varieties of hemp plants are allowed for cultivation.

These plants do not exceed the permitted THC levels.

This is not the case with Switzerland, which, not falling under European laws, can sell flowers at higher THC levels than those allowed in EU countries.

This does not prevent certain shops from buying in this country to resell elsewhere, even if their products are normally intended for the Swiss market.

At present, a minority of Swiss producers producing only for the French market display rates really lower than 0.2% THC. The enthusiasm for legal hemp in France is such that more and more of these producers are working on varieties exclusively intended for French consumers. But you will understand that the selected varieties must respect rigorous specifications, on the large list of existing varieties, only a minority is authorized to be marketed at the Frenchies (varieties mentioned in the European catalog).

So how do they manage to sell several dozen varieties in France without being illegal?

Here again, a few manipulations allow you to stay in the nails.

For example, lowering THC levels using chemical methods.

One of the best known is to “wash” hemp flowers in a CO2 solution. This has the effect of lowering the THC until it reaches the desired threshold.

You can also soak the flowers in butane or ethanol.

Then just a rinse, to dry, neither seen nor known.

Finally, we have the possibility of using UV lamps which have the ability to lower the cannabinoids, including THC but also CBD. This technique also causes the hemp flower to lose volume.

Only the CBD pollens as well as CBD hashes naturally contain levels greater than 20% CBD, this being solely due to their concentration of terpenes.

What are the consequences of these chemical treatments?

It is obvious that such processes have effects on the flower itself.

First of all, even if it looks the same, the hemp flower will lose all of its scent and taste qualities.

This is particularly unfortunate when one wants to make an infusion that is supposed to be rich in taste. In addition, the selling price will not have fallen for all that …

It is expensive to drink water …

But it is not only the taste that has disappeared with these operations.

Did you want an herbal tea to reduce your stress or certain chronic pain? Were you hoping to sleep better?

You can forget. Lowering THC also loses the benefits of hemp flowers.

How to choose your hemp flowers?

Buying hemp tea or herbal tea to relax can quickly get complicated.

We must be vigilant in applying these few tips.

In the first place, prefer organic hemp flowers. There will be no chemical treatment and you will have flowers that are tasty.

By the way, a little tip: smelling hemp flowers is not enough. Indeed, after treatment, we can spray terpenes (aromatic substances) on the flowers to find the smell so characteristic of flowers.

But if you crush them between your fingers, you will quickly realize that nothing comes out of them.

You can question the seller and ask him if his hemp flowers have been treated, with what, for what purpose.

Finally, if you see yourself having reasonable levels of CBD, around 10%, there is a good chance that the product is of quality and intact.

Organic hemp flowers, without treatment

We strive to offer our customers the best of hemp flowers.

Thus, all our products are from organic farming, with legal rates.

We choose untreated and law-abiding flowers.

The THC level never exceeds 0.19%, and that of CBD the 10%.

You are guaranteed to have products, be it herbal teas or teas, that will have a natural smell and taste.

You can then enjoy their benefits while feasting.

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