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What to expect with CBG?

Better known by its short name CBG, cannabigerol is one of the cannabinoids found in hemp and cannabis. It comes from CBGA which is nothing but its acidic version. You should know that when cannabis grows, almost all of the CBGA it contains gradually transforms into THCA and CBDA. Therefore, when you harvest your plants, the rate of CBG therein is minimal, less than 1%.

However, following numerous studies, it goes without saying that the CBG presents a myriad of advantages for its user. Thus, it becomes, like CBD or THC, an important molecule. This should increase the experimental pace of the latter. Also, its effects on your body will quickly place it among the most popular products.

CBG: how does it work?

Before substantiating the benefits of CBG, it is essential to understand how it works, in order to know how it affects you. In general, it must be recognized that cannabinoids, whatever their nature, are processed by your endocannabinoid system. However, each depending on their nature is treated differently by this one. Thus, THC binds to the CB1 receptor in your body. Note that this receptor is found in the brain. On the other hand, the CBG associates with other receptors called CB2. These are found in your intestine, your nervous system and your connective tissues.

What are the benefits of using CBG?

At first glance, you should know that CBG contrary to what you may think, does not have any psychotropic effects. It means he has no way to get you drunk. So you are assured not to get high when using it. Rather, it is ideal for alleviating and alleviating certain ailments.

CBG for glaucoma

Several researchers have tried to determine whether the CBG could help in the treatment of glaucoma. Since 1990, the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of West Virginia has looked into the matter. By administering CBG into the cornea of ​​cats through an osmotic pump, analysis revealed that the CBG reduced intraocular pressure with rapid success. It is therefore very possible that CBG is effective in combating this disease.

CBG and pain

It has been scientifically proven that the CBG is an even better and more powerful pain reliever than CBD. In fact, in 2008, research showed that cannabigerol can alleviate all kinds of pain. Two years later, other analyzes reach the same conclusion.

CBG and inflammation

Inflammatory bowel disease affects many people and treatments are still being sought for their relief. In order to know the effect of CBG in the fight against this evil, studies have been carried out. Seven years ago, results from this research showed that cannabigerol helps reduce murine colitis. This, while decreasing the production in macrophages, of nitric oxide. In clearer terms, the CBG could be used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

CBG and neurodegenerative diseases

Using the CBG in some tests it was found to play an interesting role in the fight against Huntington’s disease. In fact, the latter prevents the affected subject from feeling all the symptoms of the disease. the CBG makes the gene responsible for Huntington somewhat normal. In addition, it improves the expression of the gene responsible for the production and growth of insulin.

Also it improves the neuropathic factor which derives from your brain. All of this proves that it can be effective in fighting Huntington’s disease.

The other benefits of CBG

In addition to the advantages previously mentioned, you should know that the CBG helps stimulate your appetite and prevent the development of certain rumors. It exhibits anti-anxiety and relaxing effects. Moreover, the CBG appears to have antifungal and antidepressant properties.

Is the use of CBG legal?

If you are wondering, know that the CBG is not on the list of psychotropic products. For this purpose, it is not prohibited by law in many countries. Products containing a rate of CBG high contain only a THC residue (0.01%). For more security, you have the possibility to check the legislation in your country of residence on this subject.

What is the difference between CBD and CBG?

the CBG and CBD bind to CB2 receptors, unlike THC which binds to CB1 in your body. Therefore, they are considered not to be psychoactive. They therefore do not hinder your state of mind in any way. However, they have the ability to give you relief from certain ailments like depression and anxiety. Also, it should be noted that as much CBG that CBD are able to counter the various effects produced by the use of THC.

Taking into account certain advantages of CBG, it turns out that it offers some effects similar to CBD. However, it must be said that these two molecules have different purposes, treat different ailments, even if an overlap from the pharmacological point of view is sometimes perceived.

Indeed, if only from the point of view of the chemical structure, the CBG and CBD although both from CBGA are different. In addition, in terms of concentration in plants, CBD exhibits a significantly higher rate than that of CBG. In addition, when these two molecules are present in a plant, when the level of CBD is high, automatically that of the CBG is less.

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