CBD: Using Crystals


When we talk about CBD, one of the first things that comes to mind is oils, e-liquid, capsule, balm, indeed CBD comes in many forms.

But do you know about CBD crystals?

What are CBD crystals?

Made possible by a very specific extraction, CBD crystals are without a doubt the purest form of the cannabinoid.

Filtered and free of waxes and other unnecessary components, CBD crystals have a purity level of over 98%. The CBD isolate is then found in powder form and having a strong resemblance to icing sugar.

Besides being one of the purest CBD extractions, CBD crystal has many benefits:

it almost contains only CBD;

CBD has lost its bitterness due to the extraction process used;

it is not psychotropic since it is completely devoid of THC;

dissolved, it can be used in many ways.

How to dose CBD crystals?

CBD crystals are not toxic, there is no real overdose, apart from a more intense relaxing effect.

But using the right amount of crystals will not waste the product as well as your money.

Deli Hemp gives you his tips for getting started with CBD and finding the right dosage for you:

start with a low dosage, for example 10 mg of CBD / day in 3 or 4 doses, then increase or decrease if necessary anyway very gradually, until you find the expected effect;

stay tuned to your body, this is the best way to find your dosage;

depending on how you use CBD, the effects may take longer or shorter to be felt, be patient;

As soon as you feel the effects of CBD, continue with this amount for 7 days and adjust the dosage afterwards if you are not satisfied.

How to consume CBD crystals?

The great thing about CBD crystals is that they can be consumed in a number of ways.

Sublingually, which remains the simplest and most quickly effective method of consumption. Just like CBD oils, let your CBD crystals dissolve under the tongue and keep them that way for 60-90 seconds.


Indeed it is possible to make your own electronic cigarette e-liquid from CBD crystals. Just dissolve the crystals in a neutral e-liquid base. The product obtained will be more concentrated and you will need suitable equipment to be able to vape it correctly.

The heating temperature must be adapted so as not to denature the CBD, nor create toxic compounds.

Culinary preparations

In order to be able to use your CBD crystals in cooking, be sure to infuse the crystals in a fatty substance, such as butter or coconut oil. After that you can add the crystals to the melted fat at low temperature and mix until the crystals are completely dissolved. This product can be used in all your recipes.

The effects of CBD will be less intense and take longer to be felt when ingested.

Carrier oil

CBD crystals can be simply dissolved in hemp, coconut or olive oil heated in a double boiler. The oil will be consumed like conventional CBD oil but purer. It is also more economical.

You can find CBD crystals on our website in the “Extractions” section.


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