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What is migraine?

Did you know that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 15 men suffer from migraine?

The migraine is a more or less intense chronic headache characterized by:

  • A headache on the left or right side of the head;
  • Nausea ;
  • Visual disturbances;
  • Sensitivity to sounds;
  • Intolerance of lights.

These symptoms appear gradually and their intensity varies depending on the person. Indeed, migraine is a heterogeneous disorder whose attacks appear differently in each person: frequency, duration, type, intensity, etc.

What are the causes of a migraine

Several factors are likely to cause migraine in one person.


If a parent has migraine, the likelihood of contracting this disease also increases. There is a migraine caused by heredity that is commonly called familial hemiplegic migraine. The latter is transmitted from parent to child through a single gene. According to statistics, a child has a 50% risk of having this form of migraine if one of his parents has it.

Hormonal disorders

Warning ! migraine does not have a hormonal origin. However, it has been found that hormonal variations, especially in women, influence the onset of this headache and its intensity. During pregnancy, for example, the seizures decrease considerably because of the hormones secreted at this stage.

The stress

Stress is a psychological factor likely to cause a migraine. Often the latter appears when a person accumulates too much stress. In addition, migraine also manifests itself after episodes of depression, strong emotion, or anxiety.


Drinking too much alcohol can damage our immune system and cause several problems, including migraine. If you want to reduce these chronic attacks, consider consuming less alcoholic beverages. In addition, several natural treatments, such as CBD, can help cure alcoholism.

Drug abuse

The drug overuse like painkillers can cause new migraines. It is therefore essential to always check and respect the dose of your medication.

How to treat migraine?

There is no specific care allowing to cure migraine. However, we have the possibility of applying certain tips to relieve this headache:

  • Rest in a dark room;
  • Put a damp cloth on the forehead;
  • Massage the temples and the skull;
  • Use aromatherapy;
  • Consume or apply CBD ;
  • Do acupuncture;
  • Treat with analgesics.

CBD to cure migraine

The effects of CBD against migraine are not yet recognized by doctors due to a lack of data and scientific research that is not yet concluded. But even if pharmaceutical companies have not yet undertaken enough research on this subject, the 3e congress of the European Academy of Neurology, in 2017, mentioned that active cannabis molecules, including CBD and THC, contain properties capable of decrease the frequency and intensity of migraine. In addition, the consumption of CBD reduces the onset and pain of migraine.

In addition, the European Academy of Neurology established a case study with 48 people suffering from chronic headaches like migraine. For three months, 200 mg of CBD were prescribed to patients every day. This treatment was able to reduce pain by 55% and the frequency of migraine attacks by 40.4%. It was also found that the CBD migraine treatment has fewer side effects compared to migraine medications: verapamil and amitriptyline.

THE’using CBD for migraine is not a new thing. Indeed, traditional Chinese medicines and ancient Egyptian civilization considered cannabis as a remedy for headaches and migraines.

How to take CBD for migraine?

For using CBD for migraine, two modes of administration are recommended.

CBD by inhalation

In a vaporizer, drop an infusion based on CBD flowers. You can also use the CBD oils for vaporization. Inhale this decoction to soothe your migraine.

CBD sublingually

The sublingual route is the most effective method for relieve your migraine with CBD. Place 3 to 4 drops ofCBD oil below your tongue, 2 to 3 times a day. You can feel the effects of CBD after 5 to 20 minutes of application.

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